Rejected Mate

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When the Betas of Crescent Moon Pack are murdered by rouges, Amber, despite being a child is shouldered with the blame. Used as the Packs punching bag for nine long years, when the day finally comes to find her mate, he rejects her. Amber goes rogue, and makes some unexpected friends. Two years later, she comes back to her old pack more bad ass than before. Will her mate accept her, and even if he does, will she?

Fantasy / Romance
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Werewolves - Humans who have wolves living inside them. Are able to shift into their animal when sixteen, or later depending on how dormant - completely random - they are. Each Werewolf has a destined mate. They are ruled by a council of Alphas.

Alphas - Leaders of packs

Betas - Second in Command

Gamma - Third in Command

Delta - Peacemaker between different packs

Luna - Female Leader (Alpha's mate)

Beta Female - Beta's mate

Gamma Female - Gamma's mate

Rogue - Wolves who were banished or ran away from their packs.

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