All We Have Is Time

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This is about forbidden love, revenge, time travel and staying alive.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Ex! It's time! I can feel it. We need to go now. I started to laugh. EX he was running around the Room well our Room and trying to get his self together. Bullets of sweat running down his perfectly chiseled cheekbones EX there's no time to over think this forget the bag. We are never prepared anyway very last minute in the moment people. Hurry let's go ouch! EX now! Rosaline wait let me carry you as strong as he Maybe and as romantic as it sounded this is not the time. No let's just get into the car so we can go Oh yes our car, our home, our life. OK Rosaline as you wish make sure you get buckled and we can start our way down the road. We had a pretty nice car Mustang candy Apple red and white racing stripes his dream car. But right now not ideal not big enough for this lady right here. As we drove down the road my mind began to race thoughts floating around yes I'm so happy but am I really ready for this. Panic was now sitting in on my part will I be strong enough, brave enough, can I push through? my face is getting hot my body was feeling heavy hurry Ex am'I ready to be ..... Ex look out by the time He saw the deer in the road it was too late Ex tried to correct the wheel on the car. Slamming on the brakes now I could hear the squeal of the tires on the road. The car was in mid motion stopping was not going to happen. I could feel the jolt of the actions to follow the car was about to flip and I couldn't even get a tear out or a scream. As EX turned the wheel sharp trying to correct it the car flipped rolling about three times. The last thing on my mind was EX looking into my eyes his arm flying across to my chest and then the Bang. The car was rolling I heard the glass breaking and the metal protecting us cracking. when it was Over all I heard was complete silence. EX must have been knocked out I reached for a phone. ...911 what's your emergency? I was walking down a cold dark path that I'd never been before the exterior was almost tomb like at least from what I could imagine a tomb looking like. Where am II called out for EX? EX! EX! my mind shifted back to what just happened was this all a dream? Maybe I'm still at home merely sleeping question after question flew into my head I looked down at my body no scratch?.. No bruise....No blood.. How was this possible yes a dream a deep voice calling for me overtook my thoughts this was not Ex i knew his voice and this one was dark and deep. Then light! Right into my eyes cold and wet like sensations on the bottom of my feet. The light Dimmed and I could see again there stood a strange younger man with a very worried expression on his face he had a clean cut and smooth babyface nothing like EX. EX had a full beard and looks like a grown man and who can forget perfect cheekbones and Almond shaped eyes. Oh those eyes always made my heart beat so fast. This young man made my heart calm and slow he was almost familiar. Snapping his fingers he got my attention and got me out of my head and focused on him He asked me in his deep toned voice are you OK? To be honest I'm not sure. I brushed his hand out of my face and began to walk out of the brightly lit Room. All I could think now was I have to find Ex and Destiny the younger man followed me out of the room. Looking back I realized it was a classroom. I thought to myself ugh how annoying g is he. So I turned around to look at him stopping dead in my tracks. Who are you ? I asked as nicely as I could . His response was a little terrifying. Very funny Rosaline you fell asleep in class again as always. Started shooting random things. EX! was it ...yeah Ex that what's it was. The young man gave me a very strange look and gave me a soft kiss know the cheek. He chuckled you spoke about a path and lights weird stuff. Now I was suffocating. I had to get out of here. I reached towards a set of glass doors. Pushing them open and turning to say goodbye I fell right into the railing. Now falling down the stairs. All I could think was how familiar this all felt. Like a bad case of dejavie. About to hit my face on the ground but a set of strong arms pulled me up. You fixed my body up right and I got my balance and when our eyes met it was you Ex. Exavier my Exavier. How could I forget this is how we met. You saved me from a nasty black eye right before graduation. Thay means that younger man was Travis. Man he always hated you. Travis always had such a huge crush on me. But you were here like this so I had to be dreaming. I closed my eyes tightly and the last seven years played through like a movie. Walking on stage announcing our college choices. Our first date at that cute little diner back in town. Oh yes the town we grew up in just a small town in Alabama. Auburn to be exact with a population of 63,973. We are hours from home now. California is such a life change for us. I could smell and feel everything as our memories played through. As if we were actually there again. Why is this happening? How is this possible? Finally it just stopped. When I opened my eyes I was back in the cold dark tomb. I. Continued walking and realized I was now barefoot and the floor of the tomb was rough and had what felt like sand. Up ahead on the side was a stick of fire. I know so retro. But I had to use somthing right? So I grabbed the stick from the wall. When I saw the walls I could see writing well more like pictures. Nothing I had seen before. It was calligraphy and chiseled drawings. Had to be. Feeling it with my hands and fingertips it was rough. Had grooves and texture to it. This had to be from my ancestors. The Egyptians sure had a way with storytelling. What I could make out from the drawings. Looked like a pharaoh and the details of his burial unfortunately my mother Clarissa did not teach me much about our family history. So there was really no way of me really knowing what it was trying to say your guess would be as good as mine. After staring and being fascinated with the culture I found something new that caught my eye it was a full on life size pharaoh. This was amazing the craftsmanship alone was stunning not to mention the jewels for the eyes the diamonds that sparkled on the headpiece. As I traced my hands across the gold body my eyes met back to the red jewels that were the eyes looking into them I could see what I looked like the fallen Pharaoh. walking towards me. Wake up I screamed as if it would snap me out of this dream like state I was in wake up rosell lane I closed my eyes and just like that I could here a voice it was EX. I knew his voice like it was attached to my soul quickly I opened my eyes. Why was he not there why could I hear him but not see him. EX i called out to him as if he would hear me. Before I stopped trying my voice had gone hoarse and I was trying not to cry. I felt a hand touch my shoulder I jumped back ready to fight whoever's it was the had just invaded my personal space. But instead there he was the fallen pharaoh just like I had seen earlier. Except now he was life like he smiled with such a shy boyish smile. He spoke to me with such an elegance and authority Rosaline it is so nice to finally meet you. Your birth was such a blessing to my family. What was he talking about? Who was he? Why would I be so important to him or his family? I cut him off mid sentence who are you? what are you talking about? He silenced me with a small wave of his hand interrupting me while I was asking him questions. Listen Rosaline everything will be clear in time. But right now you have a choice to make and very little time to make it. What he said was very confusing to me what choice what time? All these questions flew Through my mind the no answers followed. My anxiety kicked in and my heart began to race the temp of my body began to rise he spoke softly now. Rosaline everything that happens in life happens for a reason. This is what we call fate do you agree with that do you agree with what I'm telling you? Before I could finish processing what he just said my mouth blurted out the word yes! my mind finish the sentence of course everything happens for a reason. He shook his head in agreement then he pointed to the wall where there were another set of drawings carved into the tomb. He said The Choice is now yours as it has been for centuries you have little time so please hurry before it is too late. I walked over to the wall scanning the images and turn to ask him what this meant. But he was gone nowhere to be seen the young pharaoh was back resting what did he mean what choices?

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