The Girl and The Ghost

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Zane, a ghost who was murdered, forms a relationship with a human girl, who helps him to find his murderers and get awnsers to questions he has had for one hundred twenty five years.

Fantasy / Action
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I was always the odd girl out. People always thought of me as the strange, mentally insane girl, because I could see and feel people and animals no one else could. The first time I saw a ghost was when I was five. I was playing by myself out in my backyard, then a little boy just appeared out of thin air, started playing with me, talking to me about his short life before. He had three sisters, two brothers, and four dogs. His name was Zane.

"Sasha?" Zane asked.

"What is it Zane?"

"Don't you have any siblings?"

"No. It's just me, my mom, and my cats, Tangerine and Kiwi."

"Cats? Can I see them?"

"Sure!" They ran into the house, where Sasha's mom was cooking in the kitchen. "Hurry! Their up in my room!"

"Sasha? Who are you talking to?" Asked Sasha's mom.

"My new friend Zane!" Sasha yelled down to her mother.

"Aww. She has an imaginary friend." Sasha's mom whispered to herself.

"Okay Zane, this is Tangerine." Sasha went up and pet an orange colored kitten. Then went to a silver one and picked him up. "And this is Kiwi." She kissed the little silver kitten, and sat on her bed, setting him in her lap, while stroking his fur. He started purring.

"What is that noise? It almost sounds like a growl, like the ones my dogs made when they were puppies."

"It's called purring Zane!" Sasha said in her high pitched, squeaky voice.

"Oh, okay. It sounds so weird though." Commented Zane.

After hours of playing with Sasha, her mother called her down for dinner, and Zane said that he sould be going. He got up off Sasha's bed, kissed both the kittens on the head, then walked to where Sasha was standing in the middle of the room. He stood right in front of her, and slowly bent down, seeing as he was taller than her. He kissed her on the cheek, and said, "I had a great time with you, I hope to see you tommorow." He stood to full height, and vanished into thin air.

That day Zane and Sasha formed a bond that connected their souls, even though they were seperated by life and death. Each passing year Sasha got bigger, and Zane along with her. The bond allowed Zane to age with Sasha. They could also sense each others presence when they were near. As they got older, their feelings for each other grew, but both were afraid to tell the other, afraid they'd get rejected, afraid they'd ruin their wonderful friendship. So both stayed quiet, keeping their feeling hidden from one another.

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