The Last Werewolf On Earth

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Stacy was a normal teenage girl until she found out she was a werewolf. Doesn't sound very normal, huh? To make matters even worse she was also the Moon Godess! A Moon Goddess cant have any fears and whoever challenges her for her position she has to kill..did I mention she is also the first female alfa. She doesn't have a lot of time to revive all the wolfs, witches, and other powerful unknown creatures. Can she do it with all these other duties on her shoulders? Will she fail? Find out by reading this book!

Fantasy / Drama
Wolf Lover
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Start writing here…With every step I took anger filled me.” What’s wrong? Worried your gonna lose?” “Loser!” “Aww! Little Stacy can’t defend herself now that her big brother is off to college.” I counted in my head (1,2,3). ” SHUT UP!“I shouted. It was silent for a couple of minutes suddenly the silence fell.KABOOM! Then everything went dark... the last thing I saw was a light. (Am I going to heaven?) I thought. Then I saw a boy about my age dressed in white. ” Jesus!?!?! OMG, I made it to heaven! Oh sorry I mean Oh my gosh” ” No, you didn’t.” ” So am in H . E . L. L?” ”No, Ms. your not ” “Ok, then what year is it? ” 3080 ” ” Ok ” Then I realized all the crazy things said. “Sorry!” “It’ s alright” Then his background started to clear up. I was in the most visited cloth shop in town! ” The Gucci store” I said out loud by accident. I hoped he didn’t notice who I was because I’m an actress in the top 5 movies of the year. And I don’t have any friends maybe he can be my first.


I was listening to my best friends sisters conversation then suddenly. Boom! All I saw was smoke everywhere. I’m witch so I used my magic to teleport Stacy to me. They were werewolves but she doesn’t need to know that yet. Her brother and father died trying to protect the pack from humans ( p.s. the pack died too). I decided to take her to the shop my mom owns in town. She was funny when she woke up, she thought she was dead. Too cute!

I wish we would have known each other our whole life. he would the best out of any bad day! I still don't want to tell her about her being a wolf or her families death. I swore to her brother I would keep her safe. Since I take promises very seriously I wasn't going to let a wolf angel down.

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