Wolves Song

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A journey for a pack of wolves. Starting from their peaceful pack life in their territory, to their last battle, which could determine if they live.

Fantasy / Action
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Prologue: Legend of the Wolves Song

The Wolves Song has been around longer than wolves have excisted.It is said that those with a special gleam in their eye, posess powers that they aren't even aware of, until they do something to activate them.

They say that they will almost always discover Wolves Song first, but those who don't, end up discovering an evil power that destroys the good inside them. And CORRUPTS them. It drives them to madness, and they destroy everything in their path.

There are certain wolves who gain enough power to destroy the corrupted, and release their spirits from eternal torcher.

There is a prophecy that states that the one with the powers of his great, great, great, great grandfather, the great King Andre of wolves, will stop the corrupted, and save the world. His powers will awake soon. He will be here.

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