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The rain pushed them inside the cave, as they shivered in cold. Once set inside, they fell to their dismiss and woke up to only found out, their reality has been tampered with. A group of friends were scattered around the world, each playing their own roles to find each other again. As days turn to weeks, and as weeks turn to months, they longed to meet and return to where they belong. However, fate wasn't so lenient. An opened bridge required two magical keys, and each key is in the hands of very wrong people. One key resides within the friends, and another is in a stranger's posession. As they struggle to leave and prove their loyalty to each other, they have to play two roles in two different worlds simultaneously in order to find the keys.. and close the bridge forever.

Fantasy / Adventure
Sundae Love
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A Moving Cave

The leaves rustled as they walked past. They made sure to step as lightly as they could, yet as firmly as they should. A group of seven girls were determined to finish their goal of the day, which was to conquer the peak of the Mountain Emerald.

They climbed in a parallel row to the forest track. Their heavy bags began to swell their backs but their endurance was stronger than that. A red flaming head turned around and stopped moving. The rest of the row followed suit.

"Shall we rest, ladies? We've been hiking for 4 hours non-stop." The girl in red asked. Another girl, with a white hair nodded her head quickly and immediately fell to the ground, her legs folded inside. "Oh yes yes, let's take a rest. Nothing good will come out of a tired body." She answered.

Everyone laughed and put down their bags onto the ground. They stretched their limbs and made some sounds. "Ooh I think I turned my back too much, it cracks! It feels good though." A brunnete girl exclaimed.

"That's because the bubbles are released, Nathalia." The red haired girl, Arliza Miranna responded. Nathalia Brayden shrugged. She smiled while looking up, the sun was especially blazing that day. All of them felt like candles, they were being melted.

"Aiyoo if I knew, I've brought my automatic fan already." The white haired girl, Alizza Simon complained while fanning herself with her hands. She hated the sun, but she still tagged along the trip. God knew if she had her head hit somewhere.

"Stop whining, we're halfway to the peak. We can't turn back now." A girl in a burgundy mermaid hair, Valerie Hallam cut Alizza's concious idea. She was planning to return without being noticed, yet busted.

Alizza pouted. Valerie could always smell her bad intentions. Suddenly, she felt a nudge on her shoulder. She turned around and saw an automatic fan held in front of her face. A girl in an ash blonde hair, Victoria Anderson, handed her the fan.

"Here's mine LOL. I'll ask for it back, so be quick." She lend the fan. Alizza smiled back and turned on the fan. Ah the breeze from the fan hit her sweaty neck continuosly. She felt revived.

"Girls, we should not rest for too long. The weather is changing soon so we'll have to hurry." A girl in platinum blonde hair, Shane McWilson adviced. Everyone nodded agreeing. "Shane is right. We'd better get to the peak quickly, take some photos and set up our tents." Arliza instructed.

With that, all 7 pairs of legs stood up and they got back on their track. They held onto a tight rope tied onto their bodies. Arliza kept giving encouraging words so as to fired them up.

As they continue to walk, Victoria asked for her automatic fan back. "Here you go." Alizza handed. Victoria turned the fan on and exhaled in relief. The breeze were addictive. She tilted her head to the right for exposure and saw a big cave in sight not far from track. Great! Victoria made a mental note. She'll lead the troop there if it started raining.

"A cave, huh? We wont need that." Nathalia sneaked onto Victoria and whispered. Victoria jumped, startled. "Ah, get away!" She was annoyed and hit Nathalia. Nathalia chuckled and looked up to the sky. She thought the sun was blazing hot, will it actually rain at all? She shrugged. The girls must have overreact, especially Victoria.


Nope not, Nathalia took her words back. The sky betrayed her! When they almost reach the peak, the land suddenly slid under their feet. All of them fell to the ground in unison, their knees buried in running mud. Arliza told everyone to held each other's hands and pulled each other away from the sliding ground.

"It must have rained up there, so the water flowed downwards. I can say, they must have cut down the trees, or else why would there be a landslide in the middle of the forest?" Shane exhaled in anger. A few seconds late, they could have been in a serious danger. They could have lost their lives even!

"How selfish! If we died, we must haunt them everyday and night. Torture their families!" Alizza exclaimed. She wiped some mud off from her tracksuit. She regretted wearing that pair, as they were brand new.

"I agree. We should find a way to sue them for this. At least we'll get compensation out of it." Arliza suggested. Nathalia nodded her head repeatedly. It seemed like everyone wanted to benefit out of this misfortune.

"Who are 'they', exactly?" Victoria suddenly asked, oblivious. She didn't meddle in the current political news so she was absent the whole time. Nathalia sighed in frustration. "The government, Vicky. The government." Arliza answered while fixing her hat. Victoria nodded understanding.

Valerie winced in pain. All eyes set on her. "What's wrong?" Arliza asked, kneeling beside her. Valerie folded her right tracksuit upwards and a big swolen purple bruise appeared. She bulged her eyes out.

Everyone gasped in horror. Arliza held Valerie's leg in place and examined the bruise. "You sprained your ankle." Arliza concluded. Valerie chuckled. "Well no shit, the government better pay for this." Valerie sighed.

Shane handed a roll of bandage and two medium sized sticks to Arliza. Arliza wrapped Valerie's sprained ankle and Shane helped her stand. "I'll take her from here. We'll find a tree. Meanwhile, you guys find a cave or some sort." Shane suggested. Everyone nodded.

"Then, call us out if you're in an emergency. We wont be far." Alizza said. She gave them a torch light and a firecracker. From there, they parted ways.


"I swear I saw a cave somewhere here. It was a big cave, so it should be easy to find." Victoria said as she looked around. She overestimated her mental noting ablities. She should have left a mark somewhere. Arliza and Alizza exchanged glances.

"We dont have to exactly find a cave. We just need a reliable shelter. A big tree is fine too." Arliza was at the brink of giving up. They've spent 30 minutes looking for that cave Victoria was talking about, but it was nowhere in sight.

Alizza nodded in agreement. "We have to hurry. Valerie's wound might worsen if we left her longer." Alizza rushed. Victoria frowned. She just wanted to help. 'Valerie's wound could be treated better in a cave than under a tree, right? They better find the cave first!' Victoria thought.

"Nathalia saw it too. She must have remember it as well." Victoria tried to drag Nathalia. Nathalia blinked. Why was she included? She just wanted to settle down fast. "I had forgotten about it." Nathalia quickly teared down Victoria's claim.

Arliza sighed. They were not making any progress. They could have found a large, shading tree by now if they stopped arguing. "Let's focus on finding something else." Arliza gave up on the cave. Alizza and Nathalia walked away with Arliza, leaving Victoria behind. "Wait for me!" She yelled.

Suddenly, a red firecracker lighted up the dimmed sky. It was Alizza's firecracker! They all looked at each other. Did Shane and Valerie encountered an emergency? What happened to them? They rushed to their friends immediately after the light died out.

They tried their best to avoid the mud and big protruding roots. They wasted no seconds to track down their friends, especially when visible, deep boot prints from Shane and Valerie were clear.

Shane waved at the running girls. Shane and Valerie were settling down in a big cave. "Hey! I found a shelter!" Shane yelled. Everyone entered the cave and looked around. "We thought you're in danger." Arliza said while calming down her chest.

Valerie chuckled. "Nah not really. You guys were gone for so long, so you guys are the emergency." Valerie said and pointed her hand guns. Alizza grinned. At least they have a place to sleep for the night.

While everyone was checking out the cave, Victoria and Nathalia stood at the entrance in confusion and horror. They could not comprehend what happened. How could this be possible?

"Nathalia, this is the cave we saw earlier today, right?" Victoria asked while pulling down Nathalia's left sleeve. Nathalia nodded slowly. "How can it be here? It wasn't supposed to be here." Nathalia panicked internally. Victoria looked at her.

"Could it be, this cave moved on its own?" Victoria asked, in which Nathalia pulled back her sleeve. "Don't jinx it! This is between us, got it? Don't let them know." Nathalia warned. She hugged herself and went inside the cave to join everyone.

Victoria was a little bit worried. She could sensed something wasn't right with the cave. She wanted to tell everyone but Nathalia would be mad

"Don't jinx it!"

Maybe they were too tired to see the cave clearly. Victoria comforted herself. In the end, she also entered the cave and settled down. They took out their sleeping bags and slept away soon after they heads laid down.

If only Victoria had listened to her own voice...

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