The Broken Child

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Set 450 years into the future the world has changed. There are not enough females, people live in domed cities, anyone who is not physically perfect is invisible. Mari has lived within the system for years struggling not to disappear. Scott has spent his life in the territories. The loss of a loved one has turned him into a shell of who he used to be. When threatened by outside forces Mari and Scott must stand and fight for what they truly need-each other.

Fantasy / Romance
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The year is 2466. The earth has survived both social and environmental upheavals. In the year 2200 there were 500 males to every single female. Humanity was on the brink of disappearing altogether as major wars erupted. Females were treated no better than slaves to be bought and sold amongst the very rich.

The first high council had been created out of desperation. It had been led by a woman named Anna and she demanded sweeping changes be made to society as a whole. Her laws became known as the laws of Anna.

The contract was brought into law as a way for a man to enter into a monogamous relationship with a single female for the sole purpose of procreation. Any daughters were sent to the city for education and any sons would be the sole property of their fathers. The minimum age for a contracted female was sixteen. All daughters would forever bear the name Anna somewhere in their names in tribute to the courageous woman who found a way to stop the killing.

Soon it became apparent that some couples wished to stay together past the initial five years of their contract. The mating ceremony was created soon after. It was a binding lifelong commitment symbolized with tattoos stretching around and up one arm of the body.

Most people now live within one of five dome cities. These are linked together by two trains. Nature has taken over the unclaimed areas. All traces of the past have disappeared and the land has returned to being as wild as it was before mankind tamed it. These large areas are known as the territories.

Those living in the territories still follow the old ways. All those who are found guilty of crimes against humanity are turned loose within the territories. If they can survive for the span of a contract their crimes are forgiven but they are never forgotten. There is also still a rogue element who see women as nothing more than possessions. Those who are careful to hide their personal views survive on the outer edges of society usually running their businesses in the slum areas of the cities on the outer rim known as the rim tenements.

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