Casket of Shadows

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A Place of Safety

The light here was orange-red, and the rocks felt warm to the touch as I brushed against them in an effort to keep up with Athena. As soon as we had materialized, she had asked me to allow her to encase the casket in an enchanted bubble so it could move freely between us and leave my hands free. It would also ensure it came to no harm as some of the tunnels where narrow and rocks protruded which may be harmful.

Once secured, she moved off deeper into the maze of tunnels. I had changed into another avatar, one more in keeping with the narrow confines of the tunnels. We were moving downwards as well as away from our landing cave. The deeper we moved, the warmer the air felt. I knew we must be deep inside the volcano and heading for a secure place for the casket to be stored. Why however travel on foot when it would have been possible simply to materialize at the given spot?

A short answer came directly back into my mind.

“Because, Aisha, none may venture there, not even by translocation. Call it an excessive precaution, but, one I need to know is in place. Just in case, think of the myth you have on earth about Pandora's box. That must never happen again.”

We kept moving, again in silence. The pale blue orb that held the casket, bounced and weaved its way between us, skimming the walls with ease and without causing any harm to its precious cargo. In turn it helped light my path with a more peaceful hew of light than the redness that seemed to flow from the tunnel walls themselves. Instinct told me that this glow emanated from lava flowing just beyond the tunnel walls and a shiver ran down my spine. I pushed the thought away as soon as it was created and replaced it with another which put the flow a distance more in keeping with safe passage. The glow which has started to intensify subsided and became a warm orange.

I heard Athena’s laughter, like a musical waterfall up ahead. Yes, she had been aware also of my thought and knew I would correct it before she had to step in. Even here, one’s thought could co-create so watching every thought was important.

I felt, rather than knew that our path was spiraling us through the volcano. Almost like journeying through the sides of a vortex, ever downwards. I tried to picture the path we had taken, but it was impossible, almost as if I had no knowledge of the twists and turns, simply following blindly. Suddenly the orb stopped and hovered. I also stopped, but only just in time for the edge of a gaping chasm was just below my leading foot. I could feel the edge crumple slightly and looked down as I hurried to hold my balance. A hand came from the side and grabbed me, gently pulling me back to safe ground. The orb was hovering over a gaping hole several hundred or more feet deep, in the bottom a glowing river of molten rock sped past.

A thought started to form in my mind, but Athena raised her finger across her lips and instead created a holographic picture of open fields and blue butterflies all around us. Then she drew the orb into us, and it expanded and swallowed us both. Outside the orb or was it the orb itself continued to show the peaceful open meadow filled with sunshine, butterflies and flowers of every kind, a set of pans pipes playing in the distance and the bleating of sheep played on the gentle breeze.

Athena created a fallen tree and sat on it.

“Come, sit with me. Here it is possible to talk and be totally hidden from any who may have found access. This part of the journey will not be long, but it is safer this way.” She had used voice-speak.

We both looked at the crystal casket that now lay in the grass alongside us.

“You did well back there. Artour will be able to tell the story of Nee-Shar-Tar and you will become part of the ancient teachings, passed down around the clan fire for generations, it is good.”

I looked at her.

“But I thought you wished me to go with her to the clans?”

I watched as Athena smiled, there was a twinkle in her eyes, and she cocked her head slightly to the side.

“I changed my mind. It is better this way. Now, while we have the opportunity to talk let us not waste it. You will, at the right time come back to the casket and take it directly to Metatron. Is that clear? To Metatron, no one else. Don’t worry, you will know where to go and how to get there, when the time is right.”

She stood and turned her back to me, crossing her arms in front of her.

“You still have much to relearn, but you are doing much better than we expected.” She turned to face me again. I must have pulled a face for she threw her head back and laughed.

“We are not like Dear Dralinmer, nor the elementals, nor for that matter your Commander-in-chief and others. We never expected an Earthling bound entity to even pass the first test, yet, you have adapted and accepted everything placed before you. Maybe, if I had not stepped in when I noted you were different you may not have come so far, but, I have always stood for those with lion-hearts. Few warriors today have the balance of power and honestly, compassion yet ice clarity when it is required. There are a few, and a few with that potential on Earth, maybe. You have this, and have proved it is possible.”

I held her gaze. Yes, she had helped me, and yes, I had a lot still to remember, but I also had a mission to get back to. I wondered when I would be free to leave, for right at this moment I had no open connection to Little One. I could feel him very far away, but the ability to actually connect was blocked. That would have had to have very high permissions to do and was only ever for a mission that required total secrecy. I knew from my training that Little One would be able to know if I needed help, but, that direct contact was not allowed. I also knew Little One. How much longer would I be away from the main mission I wondered. I opened my mouth to ask.

“No need to ask. Once the casket is secure I will release you, but, I have already asked permission to at times have you as my student, and to undertake missions I wish, as long as it doesn’t remove you from your main mission for too long, and yes, I have insisted it is you and not one of your clones.” She smiled, and I saw a knowing in those eyes of things to come.

“If however, the time comes again for the cosmic games, then you shall be my Shieldmaiden and you shall win.”

The surprise must have once more shown on my face, or else she felt it from my heart. The Cosmic Games had been the method used by the Federations of assorted Galaxies to allow free will to determine the outcome of disagreements between groups. Duality thus allowed to be aired without the danger of an entire planet being spiraled into frequency so low as to ensue in destruction and war.

Instead, each side selected either one or a team of champions to fight, either energetically or physically, depending on their form, to allow a solution to be found. “The winner takes the prize” was the wording I heard in my head now. Interesting, it was in my head and not my heart.

“We have arrived. Come and bring the casket with you.”

Athena simply melded through the hologram of the scene and as her back disappeared it shimmered and was gone. I raised the casket with my mind and followed.

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