Casket of Shadows

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Goddess Athena

“It is time.”

She unraveled her limbs and stood effortlessly.

“Now you will be given full understanding, and the purpose of your call to us.”

With that, she turned and started to hum a short bar of sound several times, and as she did so the vines lifted up into the trees above and

the path was clear in front of us.

Suddenly she turned to me, a little shyly.

“Nee-shar-tar, you may change into your own avatar now, the goddess wishes you to raise yourself to your highest part. This I have just been instructed.”

I looked at her, she seemed nervous which seemed strange for one who was a priestess and thus a leader in her own world. I looked to the side and on a low branch sat an owl. Athena, she was here but not as I knew her, she was here in a guise of nature that would be accepted by a gentle people. Why?

Now her voice entered my heart-mind.

“Aisha, do it. I need you in your ethereal avatar so I to may appear as you know me, while Artour and her people are my people under my protection their trauma has left their vibration lower than it used to be. I cannot appear easily to them in any other guise but that of my owl. You will change that. It is very important this happens, first for Artour and then her people, but you must also know the whole story before you go that far with me. Do you agree?”

I agreed then gently laid my hand on Artours’ forearm, she was watching the owl with love. At my touch she turned to me and smiled.

“She is beautiful is she not?”

I nodded.

“Yes, she is. Now please do not be afraid when I change my avatar. It will not be as you saw me when first we met.”

She cocked her head to one side and slowly blinked and smiled.

“I have been told by the goddess, that you are here to help us, and to help her, so I shall not be afraid. Please do as she asks, and we can continue.”

I closed my eyes and changed. However, I added a slight change. My height, for it, was not I felt right for me to appear at half the height of my guide. So when I completed my transformation I was in my full glory in a light purple uniform, in keeping with my wings, that of a commander in the celestial special-force. I also made myself slightly taller than usual. With Artour and her people being so tall if I did not do this, I would appear more like a cheeky cherub than a commander in the service of the All That Is at my normal size.

I heard a gasp and my eyes flew open. Artour stood with her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide open and although I felt no fear emitting from her, I did detect surprise and awe.

“This will not make your people afraid; I hope? The goddess wishes them to know they have protection from her as well as the love and care you bring with your healing and teachings.”

“No it is perfect; you look just like one my favorite Arborum butterflies with those beautiful wings. But, may I ask if your weapons are used to bring death and pain or do, they have another use?”

I could hear the nervousness in her voice. I was about to answer when the owl flew down and landed close to me on the ground then it effortlessly morphed into the humanoid form of Athena that I was now getting accustomed to. Artour stumbled backward a couple of steps and was about to prostrate herself on the ground in front of her goddess when the sweet tones of Athena stopped her.

“Artour, my sweet, gentle voice, please do not pay homage as a servant and slave. You are equal to both Nee-shar-tar and me in many ways, it is simply you have forgotten over time with all the trauma you have all faced. Please, don’t be afraid my child.”

She seemed to glide across the ground silently, and it was only when she touched me and then the hand of Artour we both were sure she was indeed flesh and not just a holographic image. Poor Artour, this was almost too much for her as she had never witnessed the like before. In fact she tentatively touched Athena’s hand where it lay against her own flesh as if to prove to herself this was actually happening.

“Now Artour shall we bring Nee-shar-tar to the tree and allow the ancient ones to show her what you and I already know?

Artour nodded and moved towards the center of the clearing and started to chant and move as she conjured up that which was hidden to all.

“Negwar,fornao dirtumius gar

Aborium heartim featundar blat

Negwar,negwar,gar securios

Negwar,negwar kaa kaa. Negwar Kaa.”

A mist started to swirl first at ground level then as it thickened it swirled up all around the gently swaying form of the priestess of Athena, slowly encompassing the entire area in a thick white fog. It was only then that Athena spoke to me again, via my deep heart-mind connection.

“Aisha, it is alright Artour cannot hear us, so closed down has even she become that her heart-mind connection is limited to only collecting visions, dreams not conversations. I wish to warn you a little of what you are about to see and be a part of, I do this out of the knowledge of what, who you are and your connection to your planet Gaia, I noted when you saw the holographic image of Arborum you automatically linked the resemblance to your world in ancient eons before. You are right, there are many similarities.”

There was a pause, it may have been because I started at her words. I held my breath, stopping myself from speaking in any form, I wanted to hear what else the goddess was going to say, I had a feeling that every word was going to be very important to what was coming. I looked directly at her, even with the fog swirling around us I could see her face clearly, and the connection between us was very strong. In the background I could still hear Artour now singing melodically in her own language, it sounded almost like a lullaby.

“When we move forward you will see the tree of souls. I had to create this for those who left when they wished to and also those who left through trauma and war. When I translocated this sector of Arborum so that some would survive when the essence of the planet could take no more and to cleanse itself covered all there was in healing water, there is therefore no more conventional akashic record or link back to Source and the All That Is, nor can they ground themselves as they used to and feel the warmth of their planets soul. I know, but it had to be, or my brother Ares would have claimed them all and caused so much pain I could not allow it. Yes, I broke the rules.”

Then she laughed,

“If a goddess cannot break a rule, or three, to save those souls she loves from her own wayward, vindictive brother, then what good is it being a goddess?” There was a brief pause.

“You will sit below the tree, as you are and open to receive the knowledge that they wish to bring forward to you so you in turn will be able to help them. You will then understand why I have created the traps I have to prevent my brother from enslaving them all. They in turn I hope will be able to release the pain, and through you and your connection to Source, because you are in corporal form, you alone can transmute that. Once done, their way forward to being what truly they are can come back into being. Then later at the time when the Ancient Prophecy comes closer to completion and Pandora's box, so to speak, is once more balanced I can bring them all back to their true home, their mother planet for that is now preparing to receive them.”

Now I understood. I only wished I had Little One here with me. Without a word Athena moved off into the fog and I followed.

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