Casket of Shadows

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The Tree of Souls

The ancient tree was a ghostly silver figure in the fog. It was thinner here and I stood in awe looking at the willowlike structure which seemed to be created by the sparkling tracer glow that flowed through not only the foliage but also the wispy long branches. Like a giant brain with the electrical synaptic flow of thought and data. This was Athena’s way of ensuring the beloved people, trees, and other beings of the original Arborum were safe and not able to be used and enslaved by her brother. Here in exile, in No Time, hidden deep within a space that none had very likely ever known existed until recently, they had been safe.

Suddenly I knew what I had to do so I could indeed myself cope with the massive task Athena had asked of me, for she knew the risks and she also knew that I, Aisha, would not say no even knowing the risk to myself.

She was asking me to take all the pain and traumatic memories and encase them so her children could know true happiness again. I knew that she could not do that, it was forbidden under Universal Law, but, I could, because of my physical connection as a living being, to my avatar on Earth. It was part of the healing I was able to do, removing pain and helping clear nightmares of the past.

Artour watched us approach from where she sat just outside the circle of light that was the tree. I did not wish to frighten her, so I told her what I was going to do next and told her not to be afraid. Then I drew my short sword from its scabbard on my thigh and charged it from my inner core until it emitted a strobing diamond white light, then, before me, I created a small crystal chest with a lid that I left partly open. A crystal chest into which I could house all the pain, fear, and sadness before closing it for healing to occur. When it was complete, I replaced my short sword, picked up the casket, and without looking at anyone walked forward and sat with my back against the tree’s massive trunk. I wished into being a small crystal of healing and hope that appeared as a violet star in the bottom of the casket then I closed my eyes and opened my heart and my heart-mind with one of my hands resting on the casket, the other on the ground. I allowed myself to become a conduit, not only for the memories but also a filter as well. I became part of the tree, of the timeless collective knowledge.

At first the sound was distant and nervous, whispers on the wind, like a gentle breeze flowing through leaves on the trees on an autumn day. Then, as I opened and said I was here to learn and was here with the grace of the goddess, so the flood gates opened, and I became the center of millions upon millions of pictures, memories, and sounds. I let it in until I felt my heart would explode and my brain turns to dust then I allowed the filtering to begin, I knew my entire avatar would turn to diamond white light when this pitch was reached and then and only then would the sadness and pain flow like a thick grey liquid into the casket and leave only the happy memories in place, turning those others into either slightly altered states so they no longer held the pain, or removing them entirely and replacing them with happier ones, in keeping with the other memories of each individual soul.

I saw the change that had happened to some of the tribes, the initial contacts with them from galactic beings whom they believed of as gods, and like children believed all they were told. I saw the changes escalate as they became victims to a form of the darkling virus which was administered via their water supplies and later their food. Passed through the generations through their corrupted DNA. Areas of the ancient forest started to die, and the land would not produce food as it had before, then came the wars between clans. To start this was for food, then for mates and finally to enslave others. After that the slaver crafts and the taking of the strong.

I saw also the side of those who remained with the goddess and the forest. Saw their pain and their fight for survival. I saw more and more clans get infected and destroyed, then Arborum, the planet herself, when she could take the low vibrations no more and with pain and sadness decided to cleans herself. She had asked permission from Source and the High Council and Athena as protector had been called and informed of the decision. She understood and was saddened more as it was her brother who, because of an argument with her, had caused all of this. His dark heart enjoying every cry of pain and fear, every triumphant laugh formed from hatred, jealousy, and power over others, he fed on these and so did his agents.

The movement to another hidden location was not known by the souls. For them they still lived in fear, replaying the pain and suffering.

I helped to change that. Giving them the truth, that they were safe, and the goddess had saved them.

For those who had passed since the move, all had passed because they wished to. They now could be healed and I knew in changing their painful memories and giving them the truth, that this healing could also trickle down and through to the living clans here in this safe place.

Slowly the sounds and memories started to come more slowly. The flow of all that was being filtered also came with less speed. Through half-opened eyes I looked, my casket had also somehow grown in size to contain all it had been asked to hold, yet still, there was little room left.

Finally the last drop…drop…drop and it was complete.

I sat for a time while everything came back into balance again. The brightness of the tree and of my own body started to dim and a softer light took its place. A sense of peace and warmth of friendship took the place of the pain and fear. I sealed the final corner of the casket and then, just to be on the safe side I made it weightless and along with it, left the tree and moved outside its range to where Athena and Artour stood.

“Please, Nee-Shar-Tar, let me heal you as a way of thanks. You must be very tired.”

I smiled at Artour; she was such a gentle soul.

“Later, Artour, first I must place this casket somewhere safe so it will not be disturbed until at some time in the future it can be returned to Source. For now, healing will start, but, still if opened there is a chance of the infection returning to your people.”

I looked at Athena.


There was no reply. I simply found that Athena and I were now standing somewhere else. Deep in a cave, however it was warm and humid with a slight lingering smell of sulfur.

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