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2 years ago , it was all roses and laughs for Lilly Winters. Defeating the ever powerful dark lord, Lilly and her soulmate Sky Carstairs have attained and unbelievable level of magic power . They both are leading happy lives until one day Sky vanishes with something precious which leaves Lilly heartbroken. 2 years down the lane what will Lilly do when she meets the only person she doesn't want to face ever in her life? ***************************************************************************** I felt a gush of energy from behind me, in a second sky's hands were on my waist. My back against his front. His smell was so intoxicating. It felt so familiar. But I couldn't do this . I can't run back to him again. I tried resisting with half my strength, the other half did not agree. "I can't let you go again. I'm sorry" Sky said and with that his fangs pierced my neck. "No don't!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. But I was too late.

Fantasy / Romance
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1 years ago....

I was staring at the cold empty bed. Sky usually never gets up before me . Oh well. He must be preparing breakfast. I’m blessed to have a soulmate like him.
I notice the house is very quite as I come down the stairs. Surprisingly there is no one in the kitchen.
“Sky where are you?”
“Sky ....” I’m starting to panic a little.
Finally after doing tours of the house I give up and sit down. Then I realize that I’m such an idiot I could just call him. There is no need to panic Lilly he might have gone out to buy something.
"This number does not exist please check if you have entered the correct number”
How can this be?I try another handful of time before I run to my room and open the closet deciding to search outside . All his clothes are gone . I collapse onto the floor immediately. Everything was fine yesterday night ,the way looked at me, held me in his arms, made love to me. What went wrong?!
The only other place I knew he would be is the magics, an organisation against evil. It was the best organization with best of the best people working with it to save the world . Sky and I are agents there. He would never leave magics.
I drove over immediately. As soon as I parked my car, I ran towards the door. The security is pretty tight so there would be an eye scan to check if the person was an employee. I walked towards it like always.
" Unauthorised access”
" I’m sorry ma’am but you are not allowed here”
" No way I’m an agent here!”
" Sorry ma’am but you are not registered. Do you want me to escort you out?”
" Wait! How about you call your director and tell him that a Lilly winters is here, I swear to god he knows me”
The security motioned his partner to do the call. I
" I’m sorry ma’am I think you are mistaken he claims to not know you”
My world came crashing down. Just yesterday everything was normal and today I lost everything. How can Smith do this? Or is there a new director?
Heartbroken I made my way home. Nothing added up , just yesterday everything was normal. Today’s reality had not sunk in it a part of me hoped this was all just a prank and tomorrow everything was going to be fyn.
I went home and opened my draw. It was the only place I kept my ring. It had multiple locks. I only wore the ring when I went out since I didn’t need any protection at home.
Your rings are what makes you. Your rin gives you the power to survive in the huge world . I wanted my ring so I could practice my shots. It was the only way to take my mind off things
But I was in for a surprise.
My ring was gone.

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