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chapter 1

“Seth finally I found you ! Did you see Aria anywhere” I said walking down the hallway speedily.
“Noooo.. why would she be with me ?”
I give him a are you kidding me look.” She is your girlfriend dumbass”
“I’m right here girl don’t need to panic” Aria said as she joined me and we half jogged to the stadium.

We were in our second year of college. We got to participate in the annual fest held by all the colleges in the state. It was a two week event . The opening day was today.
" How can you be late today. It’s the opening day”
" I’m sorry ! I woke up late!” Before we could continue arguing Seth dragged us both and sat us down.
The ceremony was long and boring and now we were finally allowed to roam around the area. It was huge. There were two buildings one where we staying and the other....
" Hey aria do you know what that buliding is for?” I said pointing to the adjacent building.
" This whole area actually belongs to the magics. They allowed us to use it for our protection since terrorist attacks are common in this event. That building is their base.”
" Do you think we’ll get to meet any of them?” Seth asked with hope. He always wanted to serve the nation. Joining the magics was his dream.
My mood went off when the name magics was mentioned. The memories were still fresh. Especially the betrayal.

“Hey guys I’m not feeling that well. Maybe because of the heat. I’ll meet you guys in the evening.” I said stepping back. I so badly wanted to get out of here.
“Do you want me to come with you?” Aria asked with a concerned face.
" No I’ll be fine you guys go ahead” I turned around and made my way to the room. They did give us pretty good rooms. They were huge . When I arrived to my room , I noticed that my door was unlocked. That was strange. I slowly opened the door. There was Cole sitting on my bed.

He looked dazed when he saw me. Like he couldn’t believe I was standing there.“Hey Lilly, how are you .... long time no see?” He stuttered. I couldn’t move. All the pent up rage rushed through me.

I calmly walked past him like I didn’t even know him. He just stood there watching my every move. I opened my drawer and..

“Get out of my room this instant!” I said holding up my gun. ” Or I swear to god i’ll shoot!”

“Hey you don’t need to overact Lil. Come on , give your best friend a hug” He said trying to maintain his composure.

“Get the f*** out or i’ll shoot!” I pointed my gun to his head. This had him he ran away within a blink of an eye. After I made sure he was out for good , I locked my door and collapsed to the ground. I had to leave from here! If Cole is here , i’m pretty sure he is too.


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