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chapter 2

It’s two in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’ve decided to leave. I can’t stay here knowing I’ll run into sky. Everything is packed. I already sent a mail to the principal saying my grandmother is sick so I need to leave. I’ll inform Seth and aria tomorrow by call, that way they can’t grill me.

I locked my door and tip toed out. Once I was out of the building I breathed a sigh of relief. The exit gate was only a few metres away.
" Lilly...”
That voice. No way. I didn’t turn around instead I stood rooted to my spot. My feet weren’t ready to move.
" Hey...Lilly...” Sky said once again a little louder this time. Curse my luck. Be a brave girl Lilly!
I turned around and faced him. My eyes unconsciously gave him a look over. He hadn’t changed a bit. His beard had grown a little but that just made him look sexier. My eyes finally reached his . The way those deep blue bore through me made me want to run to the hills. All those feelings of pain and betrayal flashed by. I turned around again, picked up my bag and carried on. Tears were flowing through my eyes.

“Don’t” Sky said and immediately caught my hand. Electricity shot through. I tried to pull my hand away but he wouldn’t let me. I was now crying loudly. I fell to the ground, my hand still in his. He let go of my hand.

“Your team needs you here. They’ll loose without you. They’ll blame you.” His voice was shaking. I finally got the courage to look at him. I looked up. His face was illuminated by the moonlight. He looked god-like. Who am I kidding , he is god like! His eyes were teary too. He was manipulating me. I got up , picked up my bag and walked right past him towards gate. He stood staring at me.

I felt a gush of energy from behind me, in a second sky’s hands were on my waist. My back against his front. His smell was so intoxicating. It felt so familiar. But I couldn’t do this . I can’t run back to him again. I tried resisting with half my strength, the other half did not agree.

“I can’t let you go again. I’m sorry” Sky said and with that his fangs pierced my neck.

“No don’t!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. But I was too late. The tingling sensation had started to persist in my neck. The pain depends on the force of the vampire’s bite. Sky didn’t bite hard so it doesn’t hurt much. But His hands just pulled me into him more so that we were impossibly close.

“Sk..y...” I tried so hard to resist, to pull away, but I couldn’t. His hands held me in my place making me unable to move. It was merely a matter of minutes, I started to loose my consciousness.My head started spinning and soon I was out cold.

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