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chapter 3

Bright light hit my eyes as soon as I opened them. It took me a few seconds to adjust to it. Where am I? I looked around the room. Then it hit me. I’m still in the a. oh shit! Yesterday...... no way that happened. I searched for my phone. It was laying there on the bedside table. I immediately grabbed it and checked my mail. There was a mail sent by me to the principal today morning at 4.

" I have just received news that my grandmother is no longer in critical condition and thus I would like to continue to participate in the upcoming games. Please grant me permission.”

Her reply,

“Sure my child, I am very delighted to hear that your grandmother is in good health. I would be looking forward to hear about our college’s victory in the games”

I was horrified. I did not type all that. Then the only person who could have done it is Sky.


“COME ON FLUTTERS!!! YOU CAN DO IT!” Aria shouted in my ears. We were currently sitting in the stadium cheering on for our team in the tag challenge. After I read the mails, I still thought about running. But before I could do anything, Aria and Seth came knocking at my door. They both dragged me to the first match of the day.

“GO GO GO!!!! NOT THERE YOU A*******” Seth screeched in front of everyone earning him a few glares . He had a pretty good vocabulary. I was lost in thought. I did not want to stay here anymore. Not with Sky and his fangs around. I’ll run away tonight again. This time i’ll be more careful.

“Yipeeeeeeeeeee!, We won Lilly!” Aria fell onto me in joy! . We were one step closer to winning the cup. Winning the cup without me. I plastered a fake smile on my face.

“On that note, let’s go and get ice cream ” Seth said and Aria immediately agreed and dragged him towards the stall. I have no clue why , she couldn’t eat it anyway. Once we got ice cream and by we I mean Seth. We all headed towards the next match area. Although it didn’t start for the next hour , me and Aria were supposed to be there early since we were participants. Seth dropped us off at our camp and we made our way in.

The whole camp we chaotic. We squished our way through the people and finally reached my desk. I was Aria’s coordinator. It was a pair game called blindfold builder. Aria would be flying in air and carrying blocks and placing them in the order I narrate to her. She would be blindfolded and I would be on the ground helping her navigate. We prepared a lot for this.It felt bad that I would be leaving her all alone tomorrow. Maybe Sky was right. I was needed here...



“Aria , turn to your left and fly 3 m........Yes yes that’s it , now reach your hand down north-east............... Yes girl that’s it , you rock!.............. Now do a 180 turn and fly north........... Go,go ,go .............STOP! now turn towards your 3′o clock and drop your box!”

My heart sky rocketed when we realized that we were the first ones to drop the box , that means we are qualified! Aria came right at me and hugged me . The amount of happiness I felt at that time was incomparable. Everyone came towards me and Aria to congratulate to us. After about 20 minutes , Seth was finally able to get through us. We had become celebrities with our record breaking performance. Seth ran directly past me towards Aria and kissed her. They both looked so happy in their bubble. I slowly backed away. Before I could fully get away from the crowd now surrounding Seth and Aria. I bumped into someone.

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