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Chapter 5

He dragged me all the way to the military building. It looked the exact same way except there were way less people. Now I was getting a little scared. Why was I here?

“Hey ummm i’m not allowed here” My voice barely a whisper.

“I just allowed you” Sky shot back. I tried freeing my hand but he only tightened his hand on mine. This reminded me of the old days. Me and him , hand in hand , walking together and fighting past everything. Why did he have to leave ? Those memories now only bring bitterness to my heart. He finally pushed opened a door. It led to a bedroom and Cole was sitting on the bed.

“Hey Lilly ! ” Cole said cheerfully.

“Bye Stranger” I started walking towards the door. Sky had left me hand as soon as we entered. I was only 2 steps away from the door when Sky came and stood right in front of it. He crossed his hands over his chest. He looked damn strong and hot.... I walked backwards and sat on the chair.

“Now , that you have finally decided to listen to me ” Sky started throwing glares at me.

“Your life is in danger” Cole burst in between.

“What the f****?! You guys are kidding me!” I walked towards Sky and jabbed his chest. ” Are you seriously doing this just to get close to me ? You cheap bastard.” That must have hit a nerve . I shouldn’t have said that.

“Cole leave us!” Sky said coldly . Uh Oh, but his games won’t affect me anymore.

“Don’t worry Cole , i’ll let myself out. ” With that I walked out easily. Neither Sky nor Cole tried to stop me. And I didn’t stop until I reached my room.

As soon as I reached my room, I breathed a sigh of relief. Sky can be so overbearing. Just cuz I decided to stay doesn’t mean he can just start commanding my life! Idiot.


He’s here now? Seems like I can never catch a break from him.

“Ah Xav! Hi! ummmmm... How is your face?” Damn I didn’t know he would wake up so fast.

“Very black and blue thanks to your .... Wait! Who is he to u?” Oh shit! “I’m not leaving until you tell me what this is all about. ”

“I don’t what your talking about.” I replied warily.” Haha. Why don’t you meet Seth? He’ll be waiting for you.”

“He’s out with Ari.” He barged into my room and sat on the bed. “OOO you have such a soft bed”

“Your not leaving until I tell you ?” I sighed.


“Fine your wish!” I closed the door and made my way in. He’s my best friend it’s high time I tell him. He’s been patient enough. I can’t avoid it anymore.

“Sky and I were in love.....”

“Wait! Is that the guy who’s there in your dairies?.” Xavier asked excitedly.

I giggled “Yes , he is. We were dating ever since we were fifteen.“I said dreamily” But 2 years ago, everything went downhill. ” Chills ran through me when I thought about it. Before I could continue , someone knocked on my door.

“Let me” Xav said and got up.

“Where is she?” I could hear Sky’s rough voice.

“She’s inside ” Xav replied.

“Great! YOU . LEAVE . I have some important thing to discuss with her.” Sky said pointing at Xavier.

" Xavier is not going anywhere. You on the other hand can go back the way you came in.” I came stood right next to Xavier. Sky did not like my attitude. He just took my wrist and pushed me onto the bed. Not good.

“Hey man . That’s not cool.”

“Do you want another black eye?” That made Xavier shut up. He silently walked out the room and closed the door. That guy I was gonna kill him.I got up to follow him.

“Not so fast Lilly” Sky pushed me back on the bed. ” I’m gonna talk” He pulled a chair to the bed ” And your gonna listen quietly.” I gulped. He was angry. It’s better I humor him for my own safety.

“Your life is in danger. That’s why I decided to come here and that’s why I made you stay back. There have been multiple attacks on you in the recent past and don’t you dare try and deny it. Cole and I will protect you and that’s why I want to request you to stay back.” He spoke firmly.

I took a deep breath in. “I have decided to stay back.It’s not because of you or Cole but because of my friends. I can’t let them down. And as for protecting myself , I can very much manage . I don’t need your help. You don’t need to stay.Or if your really concerned about me , then you can give me my ring back, that way I can defeat anyone.”

I walked up to the door and held it open. ” You can leave now.”

Sky slowly got up and walked towards me. I was almost in tears. I didn’t want him to see me cry. He picked up and my face and looked me in the eyes.

“you’ve become stronger love, you have no need for a ring” He said and walked out.

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