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chapter 6

It’s been 2 days since that episode with Sky. I haven’t seen him since. There was a minor accident with a girl in water sports yesterday so security has increased. Was Sky actually telling the truth?

“Hey girls wish me best of luck!” Seth shouted from across the room. His game was up today. He strolled towards us.

“All the best sweetheart” Aria said while kissing him on the cheek.

“All the best Sethy!” I hugged him. He jogged towards the stadium. I could see Aria staring at his back from the corner of my eye.

“Someone’s in love” I teased Aria. Her face turned a bright shade of pink. How cute.

“Oh please shut up!” She shoved me causing me to almost trip over. Damn she was strong.

“So practice at 8 today?” Aria asked as we made our way to the seats.

“Definitely” We were directly sent to the quarterfinals since we were the highest scorers. That made me feel good. Thank god! I didn’t leave that day.Seth’s game began. He was playing magnificently. He was one of the best in the school.

“Go Flutters! Go Flutters ! Go Go Go Flutters!” I could hear cheering all around. Seth was about to win when something came right towards him from the sky and knocked him of his feet. He fell on the ground , not moving.A few seconds passed but he didn’t wake up. Aria and I went numb. We ran towards him not caring about the security.

We were about to reach him when a light burst out from the sky and came directly towards Aria.

“Aria!” I jumped onto her causing the light to strike my back. The force made us roll on the ground and we ended up far away from Seth. Aria ended up far away from me too. I couldn’t move. My whole body was paralyzed. I couldn’t feel anything.

“oh my god Lilly!” Aria panicked seeing me unable to get up.

“i’m..” I stuttered. It felt like the life got sucked out of me.

“Girls get off the field!.” Sky shouted from other side. He was running towards us , along with a few guards. Aria started walking towards me. She ended up further away from me when we went rolling. By the looks of it , she was also pretty hurt. I tried but I couldn’t get up. She was almost near me. That’s when I saw another light in the sky, It was black in color just like the others. It speedily approached towards me , but before it hit me , I was able to glance at the person who summoned the spell.

“Lilly!” I could hear Sky scream. Red eyes. The guy had red eyes. And then everything went black.


I woke up in my room. It was evening , the sun’s rays pouring into my room. I tried to sit up, but I still couldn’t. I was injured except for a few scratches that occurred when we were rolling on the rough grass. What had hit me? The eyes! Oh my god , I have to tell someone.

I looked around my room. No one was here. Where is everyone? Was Aria seriously injured? Oh no! Wait! I just heard the door open.

“oh my god Cole what happened!” I asked , now fully alert. “Where is Aria?” .....” How is Seth?” Cole didn’t reply”...... No no no, what are injecting me with?”

“shhhh” Cole whispered in my ear.

“Cole what the f***?” And then everything went black again.


The next time my eyes opened,it was dark outside. I could see a figure standing near the window. “Hello?” I still couldn’t get up.

“Lilly! How are you feeling love?” Sky walked towards me and sat down in the chair. His eyes shone under the bright moonlight.

I cowered away from him “Are you gonna inject me too?”

“What are you talking about?” Sky asked worriedly.” Did you hit your head?”

“What no, I’m completely fine, I’m just tired that’s all.” I replied. Oh yes I needed to tell him something. “Sky, the guy I saw he had red eyes. He was the one who summoned the spell”

“Can you tell me something more about him?” Sky asked. He looked like someone who was just shaken up from sleep. He dragged his chair closer to my bed.

“He had light colored hair , maybe blond, I don’t know.” I told thoughtfully. Sky started skimming through his phone. He finally stopped after a few minutes. He held his phone up so I could see the face.

“Yes! It’s him I think. My vision was a little blurry.”

“Can I drink your blood?” Sky asked , his fangs started to protrude out.

“Why? You drank it a few days ago, you don’t need it” I sat up straight. “Stop taking advantage!” I covered my body with my hands and moved away from him.

“I can see your memories by drinking your blood” He said calmly. “I am not that bad ” HE sounded offended.

“When did you learn to do that?” I asked surprised.

“This year...Please Lilly we need to catch him.” By now Sky was sitting on my bed next to me. He looked like a giant compared to me.

“Only that part okay? Not more than that.” I hesitantly came closer to him. I just hope I don’t regret it. We need to catch him.

“You have my word” He whispered and his fangs pierced my neck.

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