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A baby girl named sky

Fantasy / Adventure
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Here is a modern city.! where every ultra modern is already an ancient fashion. There by a lake with a streams of pollution flowing so sharp enough to cut through the veins of modern civilisation.

At that sight of a down stream can see a glass building which is cooking the young minds of modern generation. This is the only famous school on this biggest small piece: earth, where the most ultra modern ancient civilisation is taught.

And that's a room filled with an aroma of childishness, seems like it is of the grade one. A lovey sweet rhythm of the teacher pouring a honey of questions in to the ears of the students, seems like a seriously funny viva jam is on its way, a naughty kiddy baby child is answering to a question like a Childs play story of an ancient village.

It all started like......." There is a beautiful village which bears a foot long flowers & wrist size berries, hmmmm...the name of the village is ......ohooo....seems like I forgot the name of the village miss! let me think over & over and recollect it by the time we finish the story....!

getting back in to the village, there lives a pretty toddler taken care by her sweet lovely parents, with all the love sizing like a champagne from the bottom of their souls they named her SKY.

SKY is so beautiful, her sky blue eyes every time makes a mirracle. Her life ambitions are so high, they sit right up above the high. This drives her highly passionate to succeed in her every attempt standing up straight on her two wet feet. The rhythm of the vibe when she is around made villagers to sing a folk....<<SKY is looking so high..........SKY is looking so a diamond so high... in the sky>>


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