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The White Wolf (Book One)

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“ Woman Speak !” he growls at me , He is fucking growling at me “ What is your name ?” He spits at me I answer “ Isla-Moira Lee” He looks at me, dead straight, no expression, he looks at my grocery bags . “ Cliff, take the food and make something to eat, time for me to break in our new toy” he says with a sly smile Isla will survive this at all costs and when the Tide turns will she Find a Handsome Love, and How Long will it last.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 , The Vacation

A/N: Welcome to the First Book of My series.

Please review Story at least Midway through the Book. Enjoy

( 18+ )

Isla POV

The day I landed I was Happy, I was a ray of sunshine and an overwhelming feeling of peace poured over me as I walked out of the airport. I was here, finally, in America, I didn’t know what to expect but it seems that the streets here are far busier than back home, The Highway we had taken in the Uber I booked seemed booming with cars I was on my way to a cabin in the middle of the Woods that was close to a small unknown town, somewhere in Colorado. I booked the cabin for its stunning scenery and a large lake that bordered a large open woods.

I liked the open-air vibe the Cabin portrayed in its pictures, I booked it for its rustic earthy look. I also booked the can in the winter for the snow. I’d never seen snow before, so this was a sort of make or break situation that could turn into a miserably cold trip

Back home I worked my fingers to the bone and just needed a getaway from my life and job in South Africa, The job is not even worth mentioning and I earned a good salary but I hated my job .So I saved for a while to be able to travel far far away. I wanted time alone, I craved it. 18-hour flight later and another 5 Hours in an Uber I was almost there.

I remember the drive as clear as day, the drive was long and so peaceful. Trees of green sped past me as I sat in the Uber. I stared at the Landscape, losing myself within them. I had taken an Uber that cost me pretty much an arm and a leg as the airport is far from my destination, But I didn’t mind, The Greenery and landscape are what I stared at, The Green and white landscape had me memorized. I can’t wait to touch the snow with my bare hands and feel the cold overpower the memory of the dry heat and sweat back home.

When I arrived at the Quaint log Cabin by a stunning frozen Lake I stared at the clear white layer that laid above the surface of the Lake that blended with the Cabin, so well all the earthy colors and the blanket of snow enhanced the scenery. This is perfect’ I breathed to myself after grabbing my bags and heading towards the front door.

I spent the rest of the morning unpacking my stuff, hastily made my way straight to the water, and stood in the cold air soaking in the light and cold. I stared at the blanketed water and birds chirping as a cool breeze broke the silence, I just wish I had a glass of wine and some snacks for me to enjoy next to a small fire on the porch, I wanted to get lost here ...

My body stood silently in front of the dam, Almost immediately reflecting on my life, I had a non-existing Love life back home. My friends back home call me a ‘Prudish’ because I am just not interested in men and their b*llsh!t at the moment. I don’t ‘Sleep Around’ either because sharing my body is sacred to me, It’s how I was raised.

All these thoughts are running through my head making me forget about the cold creeping into my feet and fingers, I shake my head and breathe out heavily, The plume of my freezing breathing leaves a white cloud around my head making me look mystical in a way.

I stepped into the warm cabin and decided to put my snack and wine plan in motion and somehow managed to get an Uber to the Tiny Little town. On the Drive we passed a Large Gate with the Name Romano plastered on the Gates. For some reason, this intrigued me I’m not sure why But I refocused myself on making a small list of foods and goods I needed to purchase for the duration of the trip. I had 2 weeks alone and I will spend them eating Good food and no take out what so ever!

In front of me was the Biggest damn Food Store I had ever seen. I firstly had to manage to rent a car from a car dealership for my trip back home and it was a struggle just to find a car in the first place, none the less I found one and went straight for the Large food store. I needed to buy food and the essentials Like wine and Snacks and easily cooked foods that seemed to be all I needed.

There was this strange feeling within me walking through the aisles. My attention had been drawn to the same two men a few times, It seems as though they were following me. My Sense of sniffing out shit before it hits the fan is good. I mean in my Country you are on your toes, 24/7. I didn’t like the vibe they gave off and decided to pay for my stuff and leave as calm manor.

With this in mind, I paid and Headed out with more food than I could eat and carry. The bags were heavy with cheese and wine. But those men seem to be everywhere I go, Distracting me with their terrible stalking skills. I hopped in the truck with half the groceries falling out of the bags and drove off. Locking the doors to the large pickup truck and heading straight for my secluded Hideaway.

It was a long road through the woods, The woods were Vibrant and Alive whilst also being quiet and calm. I was honestly so mesmerized by the beauty and sheer cleanliness the snow makes when it decides to descend from the heavens. I was so engrossed in the scenery and my own peaceful thoughts that when a massive bang hit my Car door I screamed. Heart racing I slowed down and did what no one should ever do. I looked to the left, to my horror there was this big, no massive, and angry wolf thing running alongside my vehicle. I didn’t scream again fear seemed to have taken my voice, I did Nothing but put my foot flat down. My heart was climbing out my chest and pulsing blood in my ears, the sweat is pouring down my forehead, I was swimming in pure adrenaline and flight mode.

The ’Big ass wolf″ was staring straight at me as he kept up his pace, Matching the speed I drove. Then I had an idea, I Stopped dead, tires screeching against the snow-filled road, I came to a stop so fast that I jerked forward and watched as the car became enveloped in white snow dust, he sped forward in surprise, he finally Came to a Holt. Obviously taken off guard the ginger wolf seemed furious at my trickery. I am going to run this damn thing over, My Fear changing into rage and fight mode, “Today is not the day This blond bitch is going to die” I spurt out loudly, I watched his ears fall back and he bore his teeth at me, Intimidation won’t work with me.

I shift into gear and push my foot flat. The Tires skid at first then catch their grip on the tar beneath, I speed forward and I hit him, And hard. I bounce around the vehicle as I drove over is a large body, I look in the rear view mirror and he stands up. I gasp at the sight. ‘He should be dead!’ I think to myself. Looking a little bloody he stood up and shook off the dirt and snarled in my direction, “Great!” I scream, I’ve just pissed it off.

I try to push the truck as fast as it can go but this fucking truck is too slow. I needed a damn Ferrari. Panic sinks in after my fit of rage the closer I get to the Cabin. The wolf doesn’t seem to follow me.

I breathed out a long and exasperated sigh as if I was holding my breath the entire time. But I was also not stupid I knew wolves traveled in packs and if there are others the same size as that thing I’m in deep shit. I needed to get to the cabin and get inside and remain there and wait for Animal Control to come and deal with the steroid filled wolf.

I Stop at the Cabin tires skidding across the tiled driveway and snow flying and pluming in all directions. I had barely touched the ground in my haste. Packets in hand I bolted for the fake safety the Cabin presented me with. I locked all the doors after putting all the groceries on the kitchen counter, I will be staying indoors tonight...

It is about 21h00 and there is a knock at the Front door, My Blood went cold and my body froze on the couch within an instant. Who could be here at this time of night? I am so petrified, I didn’t want to look. My nerves were on edge as I slowly walked towards the door and through the glass, I saw a Man. Rugged in appearance and similar to the man from the Store.

“Hi, can I help you?” My voice was shaky

He smiled slyly “ Yes Mam, I see you had some trouble with your car, it seems damaged, do you need help?” he asked bringing his face forward towards the glass, His hot breath making steam form in front of the glass. I knew then he didn’t want me to see his face.

“No Thank you, I will be OK” I advised in a high pitched voice, Backing away from the door slowly.

“Open the Door and Let me help” He insisted, Pushing against the door roughly.

“No no, it’s OK, I don’t need help. Please leave before I call the police “ I state in a stern voice. I knew my accent was different but I was easily understood so that meant that he heard my order. loud and clear. I leaned against the door in order to prevent him from entering. I tried to use my body to help keep the door closed

(Smash!!) Glass and a cool breeze cross my face as I feel the door break in front of me.

The mother fucker hit through the glass window on the door. Shards of glass fall all over the floor and cover some of my body as I stumble backward. I stand up shaking off most of the shattered glass and splintered wood from my Head and Face and body.

I turn from the door and run for the Kitchen. All the Correct Tools are there for me to defend myself. Rummaging through draws and cabinets I grab a Knife and Pan, waiting for him to enter the front door. “Today is not my day” I whisper to myself, sweat dripping down my face, The cold air reminding me I am alive, Blood and sweat feel farm running down my face but I have no time to tend to my wounds.

He walked in Slowly, Smirking at me, Stepping over the door he just broke. He was large in size and seemed to have a lumberjack build and dress code. ‘The bigger they are the harder they fall.’ I think to myself, Trying to pep talk my petrified nerves down.

”That won’t help you much sweetheart” He smirked at me, Looking at my choice of weaponry

“Piss off. Leave me be. go terrorize someone else!” I scream at him

“You seem to be alone sweetheart? I don’t smell anyone else” he scoffs at me turning his head as if he was sniffing the cabin

“Smell? What the hell? Please just turn around and go, I will pay to fix the Door, Please leave me in peace” I plead in hope that this will convince his better nature to just leave me be?

It didn’t work.

This Time his eyes went dark, Like black orbs within his eye sockets. He looked menacing. Fear started to set in as I thought this man was some sort of satanist and I was going to die in bum fuck Colorado all alone at the hands of lumberjack-looking static men.

“ You hit me quite hard baby. You shouldn’t have hit me with your car. My friend and I just wanted to scare you lil, but now it’s personal, You’ve Pissed us off” he growls at me with rage I could feel across the kitchen.

Sweat and adrenaline are wearing off and I feel slightly weaker.

I think to Myself ‘What is this man carrying on about? I didn’t hit him! I don’t even know him! why is he even referencing this?’

He came Closer Smiling slyly still “It’s been a while since I’ve seen a pretty thing like you Blondie. You seem foreign as well, I like being diverse in my ventures. So understand me, you are now Mine and My friends, you will do and say Nothing unless told. It will be hours until we are done with you If you run we will hunt and kill you. Understand ?”

I Nod my head in a ‘Yes’ and Stand Still. I have no intention of being someone’s plaything. Before I could react a Big Fucking wolf thing comes into view at the opening of the Kitchen. I am shocked in place, Silently hoping it will attack this idiot so I can run and Hide. But it doesn’t. It just stands there staring at me, Not even a Split second and the Sounds of Bones snapping echo through the Cabin and before me was a Wolf (big ass wolf) stood now stands a Naked man. Built Like a Brick wall yet rugged and not the Sexy kind, More like the Homeless Kind.

The Man then speaks “ I am Jay and This is Cliff”, The naked man is speaking to me, I just look at him.No expression is visible on my face, I am Keeping my shit on Lock down

“ Woman Speak !” he growls at me, He is fucking growling at me

“ What is your name ?” He asked again

I answer “ Isla-Moira Lee”

I stood there in Disbelief, this Guy is serious, He walked forward and grabbed my head with so much force that when I realized what was happening my head splintered with pain as he slammed my head into the kitchen counter.

“ Cliff, take the food and make something to eat, Time for me to put away our new toy,” he said with a sly smile.

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