Mixed Worlds

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Oh no.

Hestia sat up straight, her eyes darting down to her bedside table, where her alarm clock stood listless - and out of battery.

She scrambled out of her sheets and ran to her working desk just in front of the window. Clouds covered the morning light and the air smelled of salt. A storm must be on the way.

She picked up her phone from the desk and checked the time.

9:46 a.m.

She was very late for her science class. They were having an exam today, one that determined whether or not her grades were going to pass her. By the looks of it, they weren't.

There were several messages from Carla, Lucas, and Charlotte and a lot of missed calls from Oliver.

She hung her head back and sighed. Great. The one day my fricking alarm clock decides to sleep in. Thanks a lot. She stuck her tongue out at the clock as she strode into the bathroom.

She quickly got out of her pajamas and headed into the shower, bringing with her her toothpaste-filled brush. A good 15 minutes had passed when she walked out of her bathroom wrapped in a towel. Water from her hair dripped on the floor where she walked. She walked out of her bathroom, back into her room.

She picked up her phone and checked the messages. She checked Charlotte's messages first.

'Tick-tock. 5 minutes till your life-changing death test!!! Where are you??'

'Hellooooo, are you still alive?'

'Hestia, don't scare me. We're about to start.'


'Okay, that's one minute. Bye bye cheesecakes. And hello test:( are you coming?'

Hestia pouted. No more cheesecakes? She can't take that away from me.

Charlotte owned one of the most well-known bakeshops in town, and she was, by far, Hestia's favorite baker. Her cakes were amazing. She always knew the perfect amount of ingredients to use, and they were always so eccentric. She could mix up mayonnaise and oatmeal, and it would probably still taste good.

'You are NOT taking away my cheesecakes, thank you. I'm just running a little late. No worries.' Hestia texted her reply to Charlotte.

She checked the time again.

10:09 a.m.

She cursed and dashed towards her walk-in closet. Just as she turned the knob, a loud crash sounded from inside, making her hesitate. But her eyes widened when she realized what was inside.

My shoes!

She rushed into the walk-in, past the rows of clothes hanging from a long rack and the drawers holding even more clothes, and towards the end of her closet, where each pair of shoes had a compartment self on the wall.

"AHHHHHH!" Hestia shrieked.

Sure enough, they had fallen all over the place. But that wasn't what made her scream. It was the boy underneath the fallen shoes. He was bleeding.

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