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Ch 2:1

After the week, Lolli had built up a routine with Iowa. He’d make breakfast for the girl as she bathed, then they would both go to the library. If she was lucky, Iowa would make her ice cream. At night, he’d disappear to somewhere else.

Today, they went to the park again. Luckily, the reaper hadn’t came today. But there was another funny man. He was talking to a woman, something about solving her problems. He tugged at his yellow scarf as he spoke.” Yes, but sometimes it’s best to let go of those desires.” His also yellow eyes shifted towards Iowa. “You, come here,” and we waved Iowa over with a hand and a smile. Iowa complied as the man shook his hand.” My name is Marcus and-”
“You’re a reaper.”
“Ah,” The man, known now as Marcus, let out a nervous chuckle.
“Your hair is white.”
“Yes, well, that is true. But-”
“There is no ‘but.’”
Marcus’s smile began to look strained.” I’d appreciate if you listened, ma’am.” Iowa frowned and Marcus leaned down to where his ear should’ve been. There was quite a height difference.” I can feel how unhappy you are with your life. I wish to help with that.”
Lolli wasn’t sure what was going on, but she didn’t like the shocked look on Iowa’s face. Or Marcus’s eternal smile. It all seemed very sinister. “What do you plan on doing?” Iowa said finally. Marcus moved away from and held out a seed.“I wish for you to keep this on your person. Until we meet again, that is. I wish to talk to you in private.” He winked.” You’re very interesting. I can see it in your soul.” Then, Marcus went to talk to other people in the park.

That night, Iowa sent Lolli to bed and left the house. This wasn’t uncommon in itself. But tonight, he had one specific task. Clutching the brownish seed, Iowa walked back to the park. Leaning on a tree, Marcus watched Iowa approach.” Oh, I’m so glad you came, Iowa. That is your name, right?”
Iowa wasn’t surprised. He didn’t once mention his name, but that guaranteed his theories all the same.” Yes, what do you want?”
“This isn’t about me! It’s about what you want!”
“I’m sure you want to be rid of your horrible curse.” Marcus placed his hand on Iowa’s core.” It’s right there, and it’s breaking into tiny pieces. I’m sure we both know why.” Iowa nearly pushed Marcus away.” And I want to help you fix your broken soul, that’s all.”

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