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Ch 2:2

Iowa felt more and more at unease as he watched Marcus’s blank smile.” How do you know about that?” Iowa asked. Marcus tapped his core.” I can see your soul very clearly. It’s trapped. Or else Father would’ve taken it already.”
“No, it’s already been taken.”
“Then are you saying my eyes are lying to me?”
Iowa took a deep breath. He had to play his cards right. This was a one time opportunity, after all.
“Ah, so you want me to make a deal with the devil for you?” Iowa stiffened.
“Now, why would I do something like that?” Now Marcus’s smile seemed genuine. Genuinely full of spite.
“I don’t do things like that for just anyone. Even little girls of-”
“Okay, I get it!”
Iowa glared up at Marcus.” Coming here was a mistake.”
“No, far from it. You’ll do my plants a lot of good.”
Suddenly, the seed in Iowa’s palm exploded into great vines. They found themselves digging into the crevices in Iowa’s wrist.” You’re literally overflowing with magic. Perhaps you’ll make some lovely snow blosso-” Marcus was slammed in the chest with a sledgehammer. Though, it was made of ice, with a handle made of frozen vines. And it was attached to Iowa’s arm. He stumbled back from the blow, coughing.” You almost hit as hard as Father,” he mumbled between coughs.
“I’m leaving, and can pretend this never happened,” Iowa said, stepping back. Once he steadied his breathing, Marcus simply pointed at his vines.” I don’t think you can do that.” They dig deeper, despite being frozen.” You’re very important to my project now!”

In the morning, Lolli woke up to find a new person in her home. Marcus was casually watching Iowa cook. Iowa’s arm was bandaged up too.” Uh, hello? Who is this?” Lolli recognized Marcus from the park, but she didn’t understand why he was in her home.” He’s a,” Iowa stumbled to find words. “I’m her friend. Call me Marcus,” Marcus finished. Lolli nodded slowly. “I’ve heard a lot of good things about you, Lolli! You’re a sweet girl.” Marcus eyed Lolli as he got closer.” Sweet like candy.”
“Um, thank you?” He chuckled.
“She’s a kid. Kids are always sweet.” Iowa said.
“Oh, but you for one know that isn’t the case at all.”
“Well, I’m talking about her.”
Lolli didn’t like Marcus. He was way too smiley. And he looked half asleep too. It was weird.
“Say, do you like flowers, Lolli?”
“Oh yeah, they can be pretty sometimes!”

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