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Ch 2:5

“I’m not bringing you anything!” Lolli couldn’t keep herself calm anymore. “You’re way too scary!!”
“Now you’re full of fear. What was happened...”
“Me? Oh, I see.” Marcus stood over Lolli, biting his cheek.” Even a husk like you wants to preserve it’s life. You’re lucky I made a promise. Mother doesn’t like promise-breakers.”
“Then- Then what do you want from me?” Lolli demanded an answer.
“I wanted to know more about you, is all. Your creator did a magnificent job. But only a reaper like me would be able to see your flaws. Then again,” He placed his hand onto Lolli’s chest. Then deeper.
Lolli, on the other hand, felt like she was suffocating. Panicked, Lolli clawed and pulled at Marcus’s arm.
“If only all humans were like you. You actually care for the planet.” Finally, he removed his hand. He flicked away something invisible to Lolli, but easily recognizable to him.” See, I told you I wouldn’t hurt her,” he mumbled, stepping back. Lolli fell to the ground, feeling for any trace of what Marcus had done. But she was perfectly fine, if not out of breath.
“Where is he?”
“Where is who?”
“Where did you take Mister Iowa?!”
“I did no such thing. He’s actually to the east. Seems to be playing with a plant.” Marcus then pointed in that direction.” His soul seems to be getting smaller, though. That’s not good.”
“Then I need to get to him!”
“Hm? If that’s what you wish. I can take you there instantly. Think of it as repayment for this lovely day.”
Lolli wanted to take the offer. But she didn’t exactly trust him. After all, Lolli felt like she was going to die a few moments ago. But she also had to save Iowa! Or something.” Please help me.”
Turns out, Marcus was capable of traveling instantly. If only he wasn’t a creep. The two stood outside of Maxwell’s lab. Then, they were inside. ” We should walk the rest of the way,” Marcus said, and so they did. Marcus was still telling her which way to go. Lolli realized that they were headed toward the room where she had originally met Iowa in. Just as they were about to head in, Marcus stopped. So, Lolli tried to get past him. But he held her back.” We have to go back now,” He said. There was quiet groans.
“But, Iowa’s there-” And heavy breathing.
“Be quiet.” And tubes leading to a chair in the dark.
“You’re trying to keep me from him, aren’t you!? I was right about you! You are-” the scenery around her changed into a forest”-a monster!” Lolli looked around, realizing. She had been teleported to a new location. One with a lovely woman buried in a garden on flowers.” Hello? Miss?”

Maxwell couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The elusive Marcus the Reaper had walked into her very own lab! All by himself, without her even planning it. But he didn’t seem happy to be there at all. Marcus glared down, deep into her soul. Luckily for her, Maxwell didn’t seem to care.
“I wondered about what was with that girl. Now I understand,” Marcus said,” You’re the cause of her little curse.” Maxwell motioned to Iowa’s body.” I’m making a few minor adjustments, that’s all. You can take her whenever you like.”
“Yes, I think I will. Now, hurry and let her free. Or else.” Maxwell smirked, but did as she was told. She carefully removed the wires that attached Iowa’s chest piece to the large machine behind them. “Is that all?” Maxwell asked. Iowa slowly became conscious again.” Yes, it will be. It wasn’t a pleasure.” Marcus held Iowa by his waist, and vanished.

Lolli sat by the corpse, wide eyed. She had started to cry and held Fluffy close to her chest.“I got Iowa, just like you wanted,” Marcus told her. He knew it wasn’t his place, but he did wish to comfort her. In his panic, Marcus had shown Lolli something too scary for her. But he wasn’t able to take her anywhere else.
Still, he stroked the top of her head and sat Iowa next to her. Iowa was mostly awake by then, feeling their now covered face. Large, blue goggles and a gas mask were placed on his face. The vines that were once on his arm were gone too. Instead, they were wrapped around Marcus’s wrist. “I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused, Lolli. I beg for your forgiveness, but you don’t have to accept it,” Marcus said. Then, he lowered his arm to the ground. Slowly, the vines slithered from his wrist and into the grass, then to a tree. “I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted from you... You’re no longer capable of wanting sin, Iowa.” Iowa stared up at him, with glazed over eyes.” Your home is down the path made of mushrooms. I made it myself so you wouldn’t get lost.”
“Thank you, Mister Marcus,” Lolli said as she helped Iowa to his feet. Then, the two went home as Marcus waved them goodbye.

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