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Ch 3:1

Marcus stared blankly at the corpse.” She didn’t touch you, good. I was worried that she would be afraid.” He stroked the woman’s cheek.” And hurt your body.” Marcus yawned and his scarf twitched to life. Like a snake, it removed itself from his neck and slithered to the nearest set of trees. It grew, stretched, and climbed until it became a suitable hammock for Marcus.” Thank you Mother, I am very tired.” Then, Marcus fell asleep.

Lolli led Iowa back to their home. The silence made her feel oddly uncomfortable, though.” Hey Iowa?”
“What happened to you? When Maxwell took you, I mean.”
That wasn’t very helpful. Also, Lolli was quite sure he was lying. There was just something off about him. Maybe it was the funky mask and goggles he had on.
Once they made it home, Lolli found herself also tuckered out. The day was pretty scary. But once she was in bed, Lolli couldn’t sleep! When she’d close her eyes, all she could think about was the large wound in the woman in the garden. It was something was forced through her body. Something blunt, like the dull end of a weapon.

Iowa watched as Lolli failed to sleep. Though, he was standing this time. He was breathing rather heavily, but they were both sure it was just the mask. But he still felt oddly cold, and more than usual. It worried him.
After walking to the bathroom, Iowa posted himself in front of the mirror. First, he removed the goggles. Then the mask. As he did, a large puff of mist formed, and the room suddenly became that much colder. Just as he thought. Maxwell electrocuting him caused him to scream very loudly. Making such a noise forced him to open up his mouth very widely. Now his staples had torn. Guessing by the amount of liquid dripping off his face, Iowa had been knocked out for a while. Sighing, he sat on the floor and picked out what was left of the staples. By pinching his fingers together, he was able to form new ones with ice. Now, all he had to do was put them in place.

Lolli woke up to the sunrise. She was able to fall asleep, after all. And now, it was time to bathe! But Iowa was still in there. As she came down the stairs, Lolli found herself shivering from the sudden cold. Then she noticed Iowa hunched over in front of the sink. The neon blue liquid was back again. From her angle, it looked like Iowa was jabbing at his arm repeatedly. “What are you doing?” Lolli found herself asking. Iowa flinched and scrambled to put on his mask.
“I was just fixing my stitches.”
“They need fixing?”
“Yes, I had broken them earlier.”
“But now there’s so much... stuff.” Lolli motioned to the liquid. Iowa simply pushed her towards the stairs.” I have to clean up, please wait for your bath.”
“Oh, okay...”

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