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Ch 3:2

It took a few hours for Iowa to finish cleaning. Once he finished he started making Lolli her breakfast. And after all those things were finished, Lolli was able to go back to her normal routine! “You’ll have to go by yourself today, Lolli. I have something I wish to do.” Iowa told her, then left.

Iowa walked straight into town. Some passerby’s waved to him. Others just stared. Either way, it didn’t effect him at all. Not outwardly, at least. He had something more important to do. Walking into the nearest clothing store, Iowa made a beeline towards the male section. Grabbing a blue tracksuit and black tank top. Then, he walked out the store. Or had tried to. The store manager grabbed his jacket’s hood.” Uh, sir, you have to pay for that,” They told him. Iowa nodded and grabbed the manager’s arm. Suddenly, the man started screaming. Letting go, Iowa watched as they started to pick at their arm.” My arm! I can’t feel my arm!” As they screamed, Iowa took the time to leave. But the other citizens weren’t just going to let that happen. They saw just what Iowa had done. “You froze that man’s arm stiff!”
“You think you can just get away with that?”
“I’m calling the police!”
And then they were all forced into silence. Iowa threw knives made of ice into their chests and, one by one, they were all frozen solid. No one had time to even scream. Then, Iowa ran out of the town and back home.

“Hi Iowa!” Lolli greeted him. She had a new book! Iowa nodded as a response.” I see you’re reading something new.”
“Yeah! This one is about souls!” Iowa tensed, but nodded.” Did you know that they control people’s magic? I don’t have magic but uhm...”
“Yes, I did.”
“Oh, you know a lot!”
“Maxwell loved to run her mouth.”
“Oh, did you buy new clothes?”
“Yes, I did.”
“Hehe, you repeated yourself!”
“Yes, I did.” Lolli giggled at Iowa’s joke. Iowa, on the other head, stood there with a blank expression. Not happy, not sad. Just there.

That night, Maxwell strolled into town. Bodies frozen in action littered the floor. Each one had a piece of half melted ice lodged within their chests. Maxwell knew that a reaper would have to come. And one did. He walked to each one, slashing their bodies with his huge scythe. But no damage was done. Though she couldn’t see it, Maxwell knew there was souls on that scythe.” Damn, this is insane,” she heard him say. So this reaper liked to swear, she thought to herself.” What do you mean a little boy?” Now, he was having a conversation.
“Well, that’s not my fault!”
“I guess I could, but why should I?”
“I seriously doubt that.”
“Whatever, let’s just go.”
The reaper stopped talking to what Maxwell assumed to be souls and disappeared. It wasn’t Marcus, for sure. This one had a deeper voice. And was much taller.

She walked to one body. Pulling out the shard of ice, Maxwell smirked.” Have you finally snapped, Princess?”

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