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Ch 3:3

Maxwell took the time to extract ice from each body. Then, she took a single body to her lab to investigate. For various reasons, she didn’t allow Iowa to use his powers on another person. But since he had, she might as well see just what he could do!

However, someone was waiting by her door. In typical witch attire, a hat and dress with oddly large sleeves, a clearly confident woman was waiting. Her purple hair and eyes seemed to shine under the moon’s light.” Good evening, Maxwell,” She said, smiling.
“Jasmine.” Maxwell responded. Jasmine stepped out of the way so Maxwell could get inside. She even helped bring the body inside.” So what happened to this guy?”
“Someone with ‘magic’ instability, I’m assuming.”
“And why are you assuming that?”
Maxwell walked to the nearest lab room. They heaved it onto a table. “Don’t worry about that. Why did you come here?”
“Oh, I came to deliver good news! Rumor has it that the princess of Itasca is returning.”
“I really don’t care.”
“Oh, but you should. I don’t think she’ll appreciate your human experiments.” Maxwell washed her hands and prepared for an autopsy. Of course, she was no surgeon. She grabbed a scalpel and struggled to make a cut.” It’s all frozen. The blood is frozen,” Maxwell said. “Oh, I can literally see that. It’s all blueish!”
“I’m glad you have eyes, Jasmine.” Jasmine laughed, standing close to Maxwell. Uncomfortably close. “Step back. I can’t move.”
“Aw, do I have to Maxie?”
“Yes.” She didn’t budge. Sighing, Maxwell continued to work.

Lolli ate her breakfast and told Iowa her plan for today. This time, she was going to the park to read!” Because I want to feel the breeze! And it’s really cold in here for some reason!” Lolli told him. Iowa shrugged and took her to the park. Once they were there, Lolli had wondered to the duck pond. She wanted to see the large guy again! But he wasn’t there. She sat on the bench with her book.

“Oh, we meet again,” Marcus said to Lolli, walking over. She was a little relieved to see him not smiling. In fact, he seemed more bashful today. “How are you today? You seem on edge.” Lolli nodded, looking down.” Iowa has been acting a bit strange.”
“That would make sense. Her soul is falling apart.”
“That’s not possible! I-It says so in my book!”
“No, I saw it myself.” If Marcus wasn’t lying, that would explain Iowa’s change in personality. Then again, he didn’t really have much of one in the first place. He always stared at Lolli for long periods of time. Or just sit in silence. “B-But he’s always been kinda weird,” Lolli mumbled. Marcus seemed to agree.” I doubt you’ve seen her with her entire soul intact. How long have you known Iowa?”
“Um, maybe a month now.”
“So you haven’t seen her complete.”
Lolli suddenly felt quite sad. From what she was reading, a soul was a person’s everything. So technically, Iowa couldn’t feel much, right? If she couldn’t feel anything, Lolli would be really sad all the time! At least Iowa was really happy now! Smiling at the forest, mask-less. Or it was closer to a grin. A grin large enough to rip those odd stitches on his face, with glowing purple eyes.

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