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Ch 3:4

“Hey Iowa, what are you smiling about? The blue stuff is back.” Iowa flinched, then put on his mask. He pointed to the forest.” They gave me a new purpose. What I wanted,” Iowa told her. Lolli nodded, not understanding. “So, do you feel better?”
“No, I feel amazing.” Then that was good! If not a little concerning. Either way, Lolli didn’t want to care about it. She and Iowa went home to have an early lunch. Marcus waved them goodbye again. “Humans are so cute,” he found himself mumbling.” I’d hope you think so, since I told you to keep yourself hidden.” Suddenly, Marcus found himself pinned to a tree, a large hand wrapped around his throat. Yet, Marcus could only smile.” Father, you’ve come back!” He exclaimed with tears in his eyes.

Lolli was given a baked potato and, for the first time, she saw Iowa eat. All the other times, she had assumed Iowa ate either before or after her. But now was shoving a whole potato down his throat, not unlike a snake. Strange. “You couldn’t even taste it!”
“I couldn’t taste it even if I had chewed. I can only enjoy the texture.” Lolli frowned. Iowa puts the mask back on and gets up.” You can enjoy it for the both of us.” Then he went outside.” I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Iowa took the time to walk into town. The moon was shining brightly, giving enough light for a few villagers to walk around. Or, that’s how it should’ve been, at least. But everyone was hiding in their homes. Ever since yesterday, it was like the town was deserted. Getting out of your home to see the road littered with bodies would traumatize anyone.
Still, Iowa was all alone on the streets. Except for a couple walking by. Iowa walked over to them. “Evening ma’am, sir.” He said.
“Oh uh, hey weirdo. What’s with that mask?” The male asked.
“Oh, this? I just don’t like people seeing my face.” Iowa responded, forming a rose made of ice.” But your lady friend, on the other hand, has a beautiful face. I couldn’t help but give her something.” Then, Iowa held it out. The man frowned.” Are you seriously flirting with my girl, little boy? Isn’t it your bedtime?” The woman took the rose anyways, giggling. She ruffled Iowa’s hair.” You’re a sweet kid, aren’t you? Thank you so much!” Iowa visibly blushed a blue tint. “You could afford to be more romantic, Armen!” She told the man, who glared at Iowa.” Go home kid. Don’t you know what happened?”
“I’m very aware, señor. Have a good night!” Then they left, and the couple went on their way. The male took the flower, and found himself frozen. The woman, shocked, tried to help him. But she became frozen too.
In the morning, the couple was nowhere to be found. Iowa was back at Lolli’s house, making breakfast.
“Good morning, Lolli. Did you sleep well?” Lolli yawned, nodding.” Yes, that’s good.”

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