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Ch 3:5

Iowa found himself flipping through a cookbook with Lolli. Lolli wanted Iowa to make her different foods from now on. Iowa didn’t particularly care for the extra work, but also didn’t care about working at all. He wrote down the page numbers of the recipes Lolli liked.” Lucky your fridge knows exactly what we need,” Iowa said, closing the book.
Suddenly, the reaper man stomped over! Iowa glanced up at him, then stood up.” Hello?”
“Stop killing people, bastard!” He said. Lolli slowly got up.” Uh, excuse me, sir. What are you talking about?” The reaper growled and pointed to Iowa.” Tell her to stop freezing people! Especially at night!”
“What is he talking about, Mister Iowa?” Iowa refused to look at Lolli. Instead, he stared up into the reaper’s eyes.” Yes, of course.” The reaper grimaced, but also accepted the answer. He poked Lolli’s shoulder and said,” Hey little girl, tell me if she does something weird again.” Lolli knew better than to trust reapers, but she nodded.” I can’t call you if I don’t know your name!”
“Oh, yeah. My name is Grim. Grim Reaper.”
“Okay, it’s nice to meet you!”
“Yeah, whatever. Bye.” Then he disappeared again. Lolli smiled at where Grim last stood, then turned to Iowa.” Hey, what did he mean? He said you were freezing people.”
“He was mistaken. Don’t worry about it.” Iowa flatly lied.

Grim reappeared in Marcus’s garden. There, Marcus was watering the plants. He waved at Grim.” Mother is surprised to see you!”
“Don’t tell me about your mother.” Marcus nodded.” Of course, Father.” Grim narrowed his eyes. Marcus smiled up at his young parent.” I made you shrimp!”
“I don’t like shrimp!”
“Oh, I forgot, sorry.” Grim scoffed, but grabbed a bowl anyways. He served himself some shrimp. “Do you know whose been the cause of the recent murders?” Grim asked with his mouth full. Marcus shook his head.” Why do you ask, Father?”
“Since you were out and about, I was hoping you had at least been useful.”
“I’m sorry, but no.”
Marcus was definitely elated Grim had come back to see him. Even though his attitude towards him hadn’t changed. If Grim dared to look at him, it was always with a glare. But he didn’t mind too much. “Will you be leaving again soon?”
“Yes,” Grim said, now eying the forest. Marcus seemed to notice and said,” Aren’t they beautiful? They’ve blossomed so much!”
“You’re going to get yourself killed.”
“Excuse me, but I don’t understand-” The older reaper’s scythe found itself lodged into a tree behind Marcus, interrupting the younger boy.” Don’t play dumb, I know what you’ve been doing. Your little flowers may cover it, but I smell the stench! I know you trick people into becoming your fertilizer!” Marcus’s smile grew.” They were all so sinful, Father. I thought you hated them as much as I do.”
“I don’t kill people just ’cause I don’t like them, you sick little-!” Grim inhaled sharply,“There’s a reason why you stay here, got it?”
“Yes, Father.”

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