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Ch 1:1

“Man, this place is so pretty!” Lolli’s words echoed across the mostly vacant building. Rows of books lined the concaving walls. She almost wasn’t sure where to start! Almost. She wanted to read the fiction section. But, oddly, there didn’t seem to be one. She frowned as she read the sections near the ceiling again.” Magic, history...” She mumbles aloud. That didn’t strike her as odd as it should’ve. But, her last few experiences were a much larger ride.

Before coming to this library, Lolli was spending time in her newfound hideout. She had found a glowing tree in the middle of the night. After finding it’s entrance, Lolli had a whole new home to herself. It was like a log cabin, but physically impossible by all means. That made her love it that much more.

She moved into the little room after searching for little secrets. It was still very late at night, and she ended up staying the night there. But when she went to leave the room, Lolli found that she was no longer in her neighborhood.

Lolli opened the door to the tree room to find herself in the middle of the forest. There was a dirt path nearby, and it led her to the library in an opening in the forest.

Now, she was looking for a fun book to read. At least one thing was confirmed to her from all this. Magic is real. She almost squealed because of that thought. It was a dream come true!

Now smiling again, she picked a random book from the “magic” section. History was still boring, even if it was magic history! “Ice magic and you,” Lolli read the title as she sat down on the floor.

“What are you doing on the floor?” Someone asked. Lolli looked up and saw a rather funny looking person. She- Lolli assumed they were a she- had vividly green hair cut in a bob-cut and purple eyes. The woman was frowning down at Lolli.” Did you hear me?” The woman said in her monotonous voice. Lolli stood up and laughed nervously.” Yeah, I did. I was just reading.”

This woman had to be a pixie or a fairy! Who else would live in a magical world?” You chose an odd book. I can tell you have no use for it,” She said. Lolli wasn’t sure how the woman knew, but she nodded anyways.” I just wanted to learn about this place!”

“‘This place’ suggests you aren’t from here.”
“Well, I’m not.”
The woman smiled.” I understand now.” Then, she grabbed Lolli’s arm. “I’ll give you a quick debriefing.”

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