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Ch 3:6

It wasn’t long until Grim left to do his work. As much as Marcus wanted to follow, he knew that Grim would be mad. Instead, he snuck back to the village. He could’ve sworn the mist had a purplish tint to it. Squinting, he realized that Iowa was out tonight. He walked over to the faint soul. “Lovely night, isn’t it?” Marcus said, glancing around. He had noticed another soul very close. Iowa, who was crouched on the floor, looked up at Marcus.” It is nice tonight,” Iowa replied, half singing.“You sound like you’re in a good mood, Iowa.”
“That’s because I’m very happy!”
“Oh, and why’s that?” Iowa stood up, eyes glowing a bright purple.” I found my little girl!”

Marcus nodded, now understanding. It was simple possession. It was also none of his business. He waved Iowa goodbye and went back home. After a few hours, Grim had returned. Marcus waved lazily at his father.

Grim hated the boy. The way he never stopped smiling always set his heart racing. He hated how his son loved him no matter what he did to him. Sighing, Grim rubbed his eyes and sat under a tree.” You’re tense, Father.” Marcus inched over to Grim, who nodded.” I guess I had a rough day.”
“I could make you tea, if you want,” Marcus offered. “I hate tea.”
“Of course, I forgot. Sorry, Father!”
Marcus enjoyed staying by Grim’s side anyways. Marcus turned his scarf into a hammock and soon fell asleep. Grim watched him sleep. As he did so, Grim felt sick. He stroked the scarf, then his son’s hair.” He still loves you,” Grim heard. He knew it was his late wife. “Yeah, I’ve noticed.”
“Why don’t you stick around?”
“You know exactly why!” He noticed he rose his voice again. But it was too late, for the scarf had fallen silent. Grim was alone again. So he decided to take a walk. At least, he was going to until someone walked into the forest opening.
“Hello Grim Reaper,” Jasmine said. Grim tensed, eyeing the much smaller woman. “Do you know why I’m here tonight?” She asked. Grim put his hand behind his back, a scythe forming in his hand. “How about you tell me?”
“It seems like you demons have been acting up recently. There’s been a string of murders and, well, we can’t have that.” Grim tried to move, but found himself frozen.
“Are you trying to resist? Don’t you know your place?” Jasmine frowned. “Your fate was sealed thousands of years ago! Come on, don’t be stupid!” She placed a hand on his chest.” Don’t worry about your job, you’ll be excused while you are on trial!” Then, Grim vanished.

Marcus stirred from the sudden noise. He saw a girl with glowing purple hair smiling at him. He felt his own smile form. Jasmine walked over to him and gazed into his eyes.” Oh dear, are you a reaper too? But you’re so big,” Marcus could no longer move,” don’t tell me he was hiding you. You’re in so much trouble now.”

Jasmine was the only one left in the garden. After doing a quick search, the only trace of the reapers was the yellow scarf. She untied the scarf and placed it into her hat. Then, she left.

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