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Ch 4:1

Lolli watched as Iowa hugged himself on the chair. He was mumbling and giggling, but at least he was happy. But at the same time, she was also hungry. She had finished bathing over ten minutes ago, but Iowa didn’t make anything!
Lolli gathered up all her strength and tapped Iowa’s shoulder. His head immediately snapped up. “Yes, little girl?” Iowa asked in that singing tone again.” I was hoping you’d make breakfast. Like, like you used to.”
“Oh, I can do that.” Iowa got up and looked through the fridge. He pulled out instant pancake mix and followed the packaging’s directions. Iowa must have been feeling lazy today, Lolli thought.
It didn’t take long for the pancakes to cook. Lolli didn’t want to be spoiled, but they weren’t her favorite thing Iowa has made. Iowa, however, seemed to be enjoying them a little too much! Especially for a person who can’t even taste food. Maybe it was a good texture? Lolli made sure to rub the next bite with her tongue. She was still unable to understand.

Marcus and Grim found themselves in an honestly typical jail cell. That in itself didn’t scare them too much. But then they both became aware that teleporting was useless. Something was keeping them in. Grim was still quite strong, however. He kicked at the steel bars, managing a few dents. The noise must have alarmed Jasmine, since she came down the hall. Maxwell was a few paces behind her. “What are you doing?” Jasmine asked, a bit panicked.” I’m getting out of here! You can’t hold me in a cell!” Grim responded. Jasmine stood right outside the cell.” Actually, we can. You broke a bunch of rules, Grim. So now you have to face your punishment.”
“It’s holding us in the same cell?”
“Oh, no! We’re just holding you here until we can prepare a trial. So you could say why you did all of this. And a few others too. But we haven’t located the other demons yet.” Grim reached out for her dress. Pulling Jasmine close, he said,” You know I didn’t do anything wrong.”
“Oh sure, but this scarf says otherwise.” Then, Jasmine took Marcus’s scarf out of her hat.” Says you killed her.” That got Marcus’s attention. He rushed over to the bars, trying to grab the scarf.” Please give me Mother! I need her!” Jasmine nearly laughed at the display. The once calm boy now looked like a wild animal. Grim pulled Marcus away, petting his head. The sudden comfort, from his father of all people, quickly calmed him down.
“You heard him, give him the damn scarf!”
“Afraid I can’t, reapers. This is evidence to your crimes!” Jasmine stretched the scarf as far as her slender arms allowed.” You’ve trapped a saint in this scarf, haven’t you?”
“That’s not-”
“‘That’s not true?’ Okay, then tell me what happened.” Grim frowned, but motioned towards Jasmine’s head. Confused, she took a step back.” Come here, it’s a lot easier to just show you than talk,” Grim explained. Though she didn’t trust Grim, she did as she was told. Grim placed his large hands on both sides of her head and concentrated.

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