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Ch 4:2

Jasmine knew that she’d be in trouble if she had come alone. Luckily, Maxwell was decent enough to follow behind her. If not, Jasmine would’ve been more cautious. She watched as the young reaper clinging to his father’s side fade away. Everything around her became a scenery of grass and forest. She found herself unable to move, but she was also gaining height.
She was crouched down, feeding a duck that ate directly from her now pale palms. She could see a well-built arm encased in tight blue fabric. Jasmine recognized it as the uniform of the opposing team of a war years ago. About 200 years, to be exact. Though, she’s only seen it in textbooks and the occasional museum.
“Hi there, stranger!” Jasmine heard a shy voice from behind her. She swiftly turned around, though the movements still weren’t hers, to see a deer woman. Her eyes were a similar color to Marcus’s, though more vibrant than his. She was also clearly from the forest. She lacked the clothing of a human. Her deer fur did cover her legs. She also had small antlers, deer ears, and a tail. “Hi stranger,” A younger Grim replied.
“Are you feeding the ducks?”
“Is that what these are called?”
The woman giggled, nodding.
“What’s your name?”
“Oh, I am called Pan! It’s nice to meet you.” Jasmine noticed their shared vision getting darker. Grim stood up to full height, making it worse. Pan had to catch Grim when he nearly fell. The hat of a soldier fell into view. “Are you feeling sick, mister Grim?” He nodded. “I just came here from nowhere. I can’t remember,” Grim mumbled. Soon after, Jasmine couldn’t see anything at all.

When she was able to see again, an infant was in Grim’s arms. Grim was sitting with Pan next to him. The baby had white hair. But he also had deer’s ears and tail. If he was anyone else’s son, they’d say his legs were deformed too.” He’s a forest creature, like you,” Grim mumbled.
“Please, call him Marcus.” Grim nodded, smiling. Then the scene faded.

When she could see again, Grim was crouched over with a baby holding his fingers. His incredible height made it almost impossible for him to somewhat stand. But he was still able to help the small Marcus stand. Grim was chuckling lowly as Marcus toddled in front of him. He seemed to be babbling the beginning of “father” absentmindedly.” What are you saying, Marcus?” The baby fell down and turned to his parent. Then he continued babbling. Grim sat down too, to hug the baby. Marcus squealed in delight as her vision left her.

Once more, Jasmine saw Pan staring at her. Pan’s eyes were wide and she was shaking. “What’s wrong, Pan?” Grim asked, but she only whimpered. She slowly backed away from him. Suddenly, she bolted into a sprint into the forest. Jasmine could hear Pan’s voice echoing in her head.” He’s a reaper! He’s the bad guy! He’s here to hurt us!” Grim chased after her, his scythe forming in his hand. He called after her, but she only ran faster. “I said STOP!” Grim screamed, throwing his scythe. Just wanting to knock her over, he threw the end of the scythe at Pan. But he threw it too hard. He did get her to stop, though. By pinning her to the tree.

The next scene was of a cowering Marcus. It seemed to take place a little past the one before. Marcus couldn’t be much older than the human equivalent of ten. Grim threw the yellow scarf at Marcus.” Is this Mother?” Marcus asked between stutters.” Stop looking like that!” Grim barked, then mumbled,” please don’t.” Marcus immediately covered his mouth with the scarf. Crying, Marcus showed Grim his small smile. Grim must have nodded in approval. He slowly moved towards Marcus, reaching out for his deer ears. They flattened in fear. Grim hushed him, petting his head. Slowly, whatever part of Marcus that resembled his Mother’s species retracted into his body. Instead, his looks became more like a human. Or, more specific, a reaper.” No one has to know about this, okay? You’ll stay here and be good, okay?” Grim started telling Marcus. He nodded to each question.

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