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Ch 4:3

Maxwell watched as Jasmine fell to the floor after opening up her eyes again.” Is that really your excuse, Reaper?” Jasmine finally asked. She got up from the ground. Glancing at Marcus, she slipped the scarf through the bars. Marcus swiped the scarf away and put it on. Grim glared down at Jasmine.” It isn’t an excuse. It’s what happened,” he said. “Well, then we’re done here. Come on, Maxwell,” Jasmine said as she started to leave. Maxwell nodded, but strayed to watch the reapers a little more.
“So Maxwell, what happened to the girl in your care?” Jasmine asked as she cleaned up some paperwork.
“She’s with a little girl. Taking care of her.”
“Interesting, am I wrong in saying that you know where she is?” Maxwell couldn’t help but smile.

Lolli went back to the library, alone. Iowa insisted on staying home and laughing. Lolli noticed Maxwell sitting in a chair inside. Lolli tried her best to ignore Maxwell and went to return her books. Maxwell got up and tapped Lolli’s shoulder. “Oh, no,” Lolli mumbled.
“Hello Lolli, do you mind telling me where Iowa is?” Maxwell asked with a smile.
Lolli was forced into showing Maxwell her home. She opened the door, alerting Iowa.” Hi little girl!”
“Yes, hello Iowa,” Maxwell said.
“Oh, is that me? Yes!” Maxwell sped towards Iowa, who fell out the chair. She fell backwards, purple mist flowed out from Iowa’s nose and mouth. Maxwell prepared an electric shock, causing the mist to form into a human. Or, a humanoid male.
“Ouch, ouch!” The purple ghost whined.” Why did you do that, watermelon?” Maxwell smirked. Lolli, on the other hand, was very confused. Where did this mist man come from?” Aubergine, you and Iowa are under arrest for murder,” Maxwell said. Then she sent much stronger bolts of electricity through them both.

Lolli watched as the two males’ bodies dropped to the floor.” Iowa,” Lolli whispered to herself. She couldn’t understand this either. Lolli didn’t know how to comprehend what was happening, she was frozen as Maxwell took them away. Lolli was alone for a full minute before she started to cry.

“I got the princess, just like you asked,” Maxwell told Jasmine. She had transported Iowa and the ghost to their own separate cells.” Oh hey, good job!” Jasmine focused her attention to Iowa,” So, why’d you do it?”
“Do what?”
“Kill so many people?”
“I wanted to.”
“Seriously? That’s it?”
“Yes, do I need such a big reason?”
“You’re rather boring, aren’t you?” Iowa shrugged. He sat down, leaning against the left wall.” That’s not my fault. It’s hers.” Then he pointed to Maxwell. “She did this to me.” Then the ghost chimed in. With his singing voice, he said,” you took my daughter away! Took her away to make her a princess, right? For a corrupted queen, right? Am I right?” Then he repeated the word “right” over and over. Until Grim snapped and told him to shut up, the ghost kept singing.
Jasmine found the demons funny. The way they interacted with each other was definitely comedic. The older ones seemed to want to comfort the younger ones. The reapers clearly didn’t like each other, but they were each other’s support. The human freaks, on the other hand, were too comfortable with each other. But she did have one more question she wanted an answer to.
Jasmine led Maxwell back up the hall and up the stairs. In this upper room, the two were preparing all the evidence for the trials. Loose papers were strewn about. Others were messily packed into files with names labeled on them. Jasmine crouched down next to the file labeled for “Iowa Morada.” Compared to the others, it was oddly thin.” Maxwell, I thought you were in charge of filling this one up,” Jasmine said.
“I have everything, yes. I just haven’t filled it yet.”
“And why not? You better not be changing anything!”
“I’m not stupid. I’m just making sure everything is here.”
“Then give it to me, I’ll make sure everything is here!”
Maxwell scoffed and handed Jasmine the papers. There were three sets of papers. One was a stand-alone contract, another was a diary of some sort, and the last laboratory notes. She recognized the notes as Maxwell’s handwriting. Jasmine took the papers to a corner and began to read.

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