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Ch 4:4

Date: xx/xx/1846
Subject: Iowa Morada
-Brown Hair
-Brown eyes
-13 years old
-born 10/20
Experiment Description:
As per the Queen’s orders (see contract attached below), Iowa is to be given artificial ice powers. Scientist Maxwell is in charge of using her innovation to complete this task.
Experiment procedure: using IV tubes, the scientist will administer the serum through them. In case of unwanted side effects, the serum should drip once per 30 seconds.
Risk: Fatal

[Beginning of Video Transcript]
00:00 [Maxwell leads the subject into the room]
00:20 Maxwell: Sit there.
00:30 Subject:(translated from Spanish) What did you say?
00:41 Maxwell: I said ‘sit here’
00:50 Subject: oh, okay!
[The subject sits in a restraining chair]
[Maxwell uses the attached belts to hold the subject down]
02:03 Subject: What are you doing, Miss?
02:05 Maxwell: You wanted to be a princess, yes?
02:10 Subject: I’d rather be a knight.
02:12 Maxwell: You’ll be a princess.
02:20 Subject:[pulls at the restraints] I don’t want to!
02:22 Maxwell: stop resisting.
02:30 Subject: But you’re being mean to me! Let me go back home!
Maxwell: Your home is gone, you live here.
[End of Video Transcript]

[Maxwell’s notes]

-Clipped the recording two and a half minutes into the video. Reason: The subject wouldn’t stop shouting.
-I did, however, mute the audio and take notes of the procedure.
-The experiment went as the following:
-Within one minute, I tied to the subject down
-after three, I started the IV drips
- about ten minutes, the subject started to feel discomfort
- an hour and she started to scream
- I took a break and made coffee
- came back and her nose was bleeding a blue liquid
- I’m assuming it’s the serum after effecting her body
-I soon realize its in her mouth also
- vitals are failing
- Dead. Test failed.

- I need more time, she’s awake again.
-The test was successful.
-Has the machine broken? I’ll check later
-Her heartbeat is gone.
- Must request materials for a battery.

“I need you to fix my daughter for me. She’s not able to any magic at all. I can’t bring home a human child! So just... just fix her, okay?”

- Future Queen Idahko

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