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Ch 4:5

Fluffy tugged fruitlessly at his Master’s arm. Lolli hadn’t moved an inch since Maxwell left. How long has it been? Lolli was hungry, but she couldn’t get herself to move. Eventually, Fluffy managed to force Lolli to fall face first.” Ouch!” Lolli whined. Finally, she turned to look at Fluffy. With its human form, Fluffy seemed to be crying.” Why stop moving for so long?” Fluffy asked. Lolli picked up the human-like doll and hugged it.” I’m sorry for scaring you! I was just,” Lolli frowned. What was she doing?

Lolli stood up. She decided that she had to save her friend and not-actually-friend. But where to start? Lolli brainstormed about everything that had happened. They had apparently broke the law. So she needed to go find a judge! Or a court.

Lolli found herself searching the village for either of those things. Fluffy was also trying to help, but no one wanted to talk to a doll person. Or anyone else for that matter. Sure, they heard the news of the arrest. But at the same time, who knew if there was even more?

Lolli tapped someone who happened to be passing by. The spun around and glared at her.” What do you want?”
“Uh, can you tell me where the court is? I want to find someone.”
“Someone in court?” The man eyed her, but eventually told Lolli the right direction. Lolli thanked the man and headed towards the building.

It was a simple, white building. Besides for the columns and clear sign that said “court,” Lolli would have never guessed what the building was for. She stepped inside and looked around. She saw a funny witch girl walking with Maxwell.

Maxwell stopped and looked at Lolli.” You found us rather quickly. I’m impressed,” she said.
“For what? She has basic communication skills, doesn’t she?” Jasmine asked. Maxwell just scowled instead of answering.
“Where are my friends?” Lolli demanded.
“They’re downstairs. We’re keeping them there.”
“Because they are criminals.”
“No they aren’t!”
“Yes, I’m sure a small child knows more about those demons than I do.”
Maxwell set her papers down and stood directly in front of Lolli. “How about you come back tomorrow? We will start the trial at noon then. Then you can see the fate of your ‘friends.’” Then she shoved Lolli out the building. “Come back then.”

Lolli stared at the building. She continued to stare until someone walked out.” What the, why are you still here?” Jasmine asked.
“I’m waiting,” Lolli said absentmindedly.
“Waiting for what?”
“For the trial.”
“Go home, kid. You don’t sound so good.”
“But I have to wait.”
“You know what, lets go see them. Right now.” Jasmine took Lolli’s hand and lead her back inside.

Just as the two women promised, Iowa was in fact down stairs. The two reaper guys and the purple ghost were there too! But they were all behind bars.” Hi little girl,” Iowa said with a wave.” Hi mister Iowa! Are you okay?”
“I’m fine. I told you not to worry about me.”
“But I miss you!”
“Why, because I make you food?”
“Not just that!”
Lolli genuinely missed his presence. Even though he didn’t do much, she liked having him around. Being alone was very scary. “They said that you are on trial or something. Aren’t you going to come home?”
“No, I’m not. You’ll just live alone now. Maybe go eat out everyday.”
“I can’t do that! I have no money!”
“That is true.”
“You have to come back!” Iowa shrugged and motioned Lolli to come closer. Then, he whispered,” Don’t worry, everything will work out.” Then, he glanced at Jasmine.” Just don’t say a thing.”

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