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Ch 4:6

Grim watched, to the best of his ability, Lolli and Iowa talk. Panting, he inched closer to the bars.” Father, are you alright?” Marcus asked. Grim wasn’t sure if it was a blessing or a curse that they were still sharing a cell. It was certainly weird. “I’m fine,” Grim said, slurring the words together.

Marcus frowned. Did his father get sick at some point? Grim’s eyes were nearly closed and he looked exhausted.” Should you take this time to rest?” Marcus asked.
“I said I’m fine!” Marcus huffed. He wrapped his arms around Grim’s chest and forced him to lay down.” Mother says you’re ill.” Grim yelped, but was now laying on the ground. He glared up at his son, though he knew it was useless.” I need to get to work,” Grim said with a sigh.

It took less than a minute for Grim to fall asleep. Marcus seemed satisfied as he massaged his parent’s arm. Remembering his mother’s lessons, Marcus realized how tense Grim was. “Marcus, what are you doing?” Lolli asked, now standing in front of their cell. Marcus smiled softly, saying,” I’m helping my father.”
“That’s your dad?” She shouted. Marcus hushed her with a chuckle. “Yes, he is. Why is that odd?”
“Well he’s a lot more...” Lolli trailed off.” Larger? Scarier? Angrier?” Marcus listed off the words appearing in Lolli’s mind. “I think you’re both scary,” she mumbled. Marcus laughed again.

“He’s nicer than he looks. Trust me on this,” Marcus told her. Lolli nodded. She wasn’t sure how much nicer, but Marcus seemed to love the man. It wasn’t her business, really. Since she had seen her friends, Lolli decided that she could go home. She said bye to everyone and left the building. Lolli went to bed early. She wanted to be wide awake for the next day.

Grim woke up screaming. Everyone in the jail woke up also. It was dark outside, yet he was suddenly wide awake. Marcus watched as Grim bolted to bars and tug on them. Inching back, Grim was clearly trying to rip the door off it’s hinges. If Grim was anyone else, this shouldn’t be possible. “Father, what on Earth-?”
“Just help me!” Squeaking, Marcus tried his best to help.

Whether it was the incredible strength of a reaper, or the agony of being forced into rest, the two were able to remove the door. One bolt at a time, the door was ripped off. Then Grim ran out the building, teleporting away once he escaped. “Why did you wait so long to do that, Father?” Marcus said to the air.
“Mister reaper, can you help us too? My daughter is dying!” The ghost in the neighboring cell called out.
“I’m sorry, what?”
“She’s dying! This cell is very dangerous,” the ghost giggled. Marcus stepped over, and realized the ghost wasn’t completely wrong. He was quite used to a rotting smell, since his fertilizer smelt that way. But that was no excuse as to why Iowa smelt that way. “Hi Marcus,” Iowa said.” Do you need help?”
“I would like that, yes.”
“Sure thing!”

Marcus went up the stairs and looked for keys. The security guard had them on his belt. But he was on the floor with a broken nose. He was also unconscious. Marcus assumed he tried to stop Grim. Taking the keys, Marcus unlocked the cell.” Thanks,” Iowa said simply. Marcus nodded with a smile.” You’re kinder than I thought.”
“I’m not a monster.”
“Not in the normal way, no.” Marcus laughed and left with Iowa. Iowa knew the way home, but Marcus seemed hesitant to split paths. “Do you plan on following me?” Iowa asked.
“I’ll be honest, I feel a bit lonely. Father has left me again, it seems.”
“Why are you telling me this?” Marcus’s smile grew.” I’m just making conversation. Have a good night, Iowa.” Then, Marcus went into the forest.

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