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Ch 5:1

Maxwell went down the judgment building’s stairs. Just as she has expected, everyone has escaped. All except one.” Did they not wake you up, old man?” She asked Aubergine. Aubergine giggled as a response as usual. Maxwell forced him to leave the cell and go upstairs.” Today is a big day, Aubergine,” she said. Jasmine walked into the courtroom. Maxwell told Aubergine to sit in the first row of seats. “Where are the others, love?” Aubergine asked with a grin. Maxwell shook her head and told him to wait.

By the time the clock struck nine, all the rows became filled with people. Though, two people stood out in particular. As Crystal entered the room, a roar of applause started. She adjusted the small golden crown on her head. “Let’s give a warm welcome to the arrival of our returning princess!” Jasmine shouted.

Crystal never knew how fast her world was going to warp. A few weeks ago, her mother insisted that she was moving to “a magic world.” She told Crystal to pack her bags and to change her wardrobe. Sure, Crystal liked to change often, but this was far too sudden!

Now, she was in front of a large crowd in a courtroom. Luckily, the watermelon lady told her she just had to sit down. Crystal took a seat next to a ghost man- who is just Aubergine. Jasmine quickly ushered her to a chair in the front. “So, where are the criminals?” Crystal asked.
“They’ll be here very soon.” Then, Maxwell took a remote from her pocket. She seemed to be swiping through options before she aimed at a podium. Then, she pressed one of the buttons. Out of nowhere, Grim appeared.

One by one, the escaped prisoners returned. Lolli, who had snuck a seat next to Aubergine again, watched wide eyed. Aubergine gave Lolli a pat on the head and stood at his own podium. “Now that everyone is in place, let the hearing begin!” Maxwell said.

Jasmine stood in between the guests and the criminals. She analyzed each one carefully, from right to left. Marcus had his unnerving smile, but kept glancing at his father. Grim was hunched over the podium like the oversized man he was. Aubergine was giggling and playing with his fingers. Iowa was mask less and twitching. Jasmine smiled. They looked like monsters.

“So gentlemen, how do you all plead?” She asked.
“I plead... That this is bullshit!” Grim shouted.
“It’s guilty or innocent, Reaper,” Maxwell said,” and it isn’t, because you broke a clear rule.” Maxwell nodded and Jasmine spoke to the crowd.” The Grim Reaper hid his son from the council. This allowed Marcus to be free of his duties, something that isn’t allowed.” The crowd booed.

Lolli was quick to realize none of them had a say. They were going to be punished no matter what they said. The crowd hated them! She held Fluffy tight as the people she knew were screamed at. Then, Iowa made eye contact with her and winked. Lolli remembered that he said not to worry. But how could she not? Why was Crystal here, too? Lolli knew that something was off about this event, but she wasn’t sure what. Still, Lolli tried to tune in what Maxwell and her friend had to say.

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