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Ch 5:2

“We all know that we can’t jail the reapers. They are an essential part of our lives,” Maxwell continued,” So instead, they’ll have to be forced home, back to the underworld.” Grim grit his teeth. He seemed to be barely holding himself back!” Do you have anything to say, Grim?”
Grim turned to look at Crystal. She clearly was lost.” Yeah, I do. Why is that princess here?”
“Because this is her court. She has to look after her land.”
“Yeah, but she wasn’t here before!”
“And how do you know that?”
“Because I was the one to-” Grim quickly shut his mouth.
“What did you do, Grim?” He stared down at the podium.
“No, tell the world what you did.” Grim glared at Maxwell.
“Oh? Is it a part of your honor as a solider?”
“I was the commander.”
“Excuse me?”
“I was the commander!” He screamed. The crowd fell silent. “I was the commander of the underworld’s army. You know why? Because your angels weren’t happy! They wanted to leave! We helped them escape!” The reaper pinched the bride of his nose, pausing. He then watched the crowd for their reactions. Poor Lolli was so confused.” But I’m still the bad guy in your history books.”
“Because you are. You corrupted the minds of those saints. You made them want to sin,” Jasmine told him.
“Your definition of ‘sin’ is stupid!”
“Your extreme temper is proof that you’re insane.”

Jasmine watched with pride as the Grim Reaper had to surrender. He wasn’t going to win and he knew it. He looked hopelessly into his son’s eyes before casting his attention downwards.” Now for his son, Marcus Reaper. He has been denying his purpose for as long as he had been born. He even used his stolen ability to kill!” Maxwell announced.

Marcus flinched. Now, all the attention was on him. He couldn’t help but smile as he tugged on his scarf.” I’m sorry, what did I steal?”
“The power to control life isn’t yours,” Maxwell answered.
“Ah, of course,” he mumbled.
“We also believe you’re ashamed of your mother’s features.”
“That’s a very strange assumption.”
“Well, is it true?”
“Oh, not at all! I quite like my mother’s ears.”

Marcus’s appearance suddenly changed. He became a foot taller and his lower features turned into the one’s of a deer. His nose became hard and his old ears were replaced.
“Your true appearance does not match your actions,” Maxwell said. Marcus nodded,” I think I look exactly the way I should! But, what did you want me to do now? I’ll be happy to help.”
“You must capture souls and take them to the underworld, just like your father.” Marcus nodded again, agreeing.
“Then that’s the end of your case. Next is Aubergine Morada.”

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