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Ch 5:3

Aubergine giggled lowly. “Or should I say Indigo? That is your true name, right?” Maxwell asked. Just like that, he stopped.” Do not call me that,” he said normally. “Your name is oddly redundant, don’t you think?” Jasmine chuckled, flipping through her files. “You’ve killed so many. But we can’t identify them because of your poison. Swelling and discoloration. They become purple like you.” Aubergine nodded, giggling again.
“You’re not even going to deny it? That’s actually sad.”
“What’s the point? You’re going to lose today anyways! Today will be a grand day for us all!”

Aubergine started laughing maniacally. He turned and pointed at Crystal, grinning.” Your little kingdom is going to fall!” Crystal nearly screamed.” What’s wrong? You look terrified, Princess!”
“Please just send them away! They’re all guilty!”
Maxwell sighed,” not yet, there is one more we must discuss. Then they’ll leave. Iowa Morada.”

Iowa was still twitching. He was tapping the podium. But he didn’t exactly seem nervous either.” You have committed murder too. And technically treason.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.”
“You killed the residents of another’s kingdom.”
“So I’m just a murderer?”
“No, you’ve crossed another princess’s territory.” Iowa paused, taking in the information.
“So I’m just a murderer?”
Crystal didn’t like the conclusion she came to. Iowa was in no way a princess. They looked like a boy!” Hey, are you really a princess?” She asked. Iowa turned to look at her. “No, what gave you that idea?”
“She clearly just said you are!”
“That isn’t true. She said I committed treason.”
“Are you stupid?”
“Yes.” Iowa was now grinning. He was greatly amused. Crystal glared at the supposed princess.” Well, do you admit to your crime?”
“Yeah, I did it. Is that all?” Crystal looked at Maxwell, who nodded.” Yes, you’re all guilty! Now leave!” Maxwell aimed the remote at Grim. But the buttons didn’t work. Frowning, Maxwell shook the remote a bit. The crowd grew uneasy.” Is something wrong, Doctor?” Iowa asked.
“What did you do?”
“Don’t be so quick to blame me.” Iowa then motioned for her to look at the sides. As she did, Maxwell realized she had cut her finger. Her body felt cold.” So do you believe me now, Marcus?” Iowa asked again. Marcus’s smile seemed less forced.” You truly weren’t lying. That is watermelon juice!”

Suddenly, Marcus’s eyes turned a brighter shade of yellow. Twitching, Maxwell slammed her device into the ground. As soon as it shattered, Iowa threw three needles at her fellow inmates. Each one sliced a spot in their necks. But none of it was fatal.

Grim ripped the needle out his neck.” What the hell was that for?” He yelled.” Please don’t be ma-” Marcus couldn’t finish his sentence. He was forced to the floor by a powerful current of electricity, straight from Maxwell’s fingertips. Aubergine squealed and disappeared into Iowa’s body. Grim growled and flexed his fingers, realizing he could manifest his scythe again. With all his might, he threw the weapon straight at Maxwell.

Crystal screamed. Maxwell didn’t even have time to move. But the reaper’s scythe sliced her head clean off. Her body fell to the ground with a thud. Watermelon juice dropped out from the base of her neck. But it was that quiet for a moment. Then, the courtroom began to roar with panic and fear. Then, Crystal and Lolli made eye contact.

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