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Ch 1:2

The strange woman insisted and holding Lolli’s hand as they walked. But at least Lolli was walking for herself.” Excuse me?” Lolli called out. The woman nodded for her to continue.” I uh, have no idea what your name is. And I shouldn’t follow strangers!” The woman hummed.
“Yes, that is good advice. My name is Maxwell. But humans insist on calling me ‘Max.’ Something about it being easier.”
“Oh um, my name is Lolli!”
Maxwell didn’t respond at all this time. Instead, she stopped in front of a large, white building. Lolli assumed that Maxwell worked or lived in it. Maxwell took an ID card out her pant’s pocket and held it to the door. There was a soft clicking noise and Maxwell was able to open the door.” Come in, please,” She said.
Lolli walked behind Maxwell as they went through a hallway. It was completely white, except for the floors. There was a few doors with labels. Otherwise, the hall was empty. Maxwell stopped in front of a door simple labeled “Maxwell’s Office.” Once again, Maxwell used her identification to get in.

“You are interested in magic, correct?” Maxwell asked as she offered Lolli a seat. Lolli sat down, smiling.” Yep! I didn’t even know it was possible until now, though.”
“Yet you chose a random spell book.”
“Uh, yes?”
“Interesting.” Maxwell seemed to scoff. The room definitely looked like an office. There was a tower of neatly stacked papers on Maxwell’s desk. Behind her, there was a filing cabinet, too. Lolli leaned back in her own chair while she listened to Maxwell.” If I was in your situation, I personally would’ve headed to the history section. But though I’m not, I do question your choices.” Maxwell took a paper from her stack.” I also am not sure where to start with you.”
“How about what you do here? I-If that’s okay!” Lolli worried her suggestion wasn’t allowed. Fortunately, Maxwell liked it. “Alright, I suppose I can give you a tour.”

For a good two hours, Lolli trailed Maxwell all around the building. This place still had science, it seemed. But it was still somehow magical! At least, that is what Lolli understood. Maxwell insisted that is was ALL science. “Magic is just the way humans describe other forms of science. It is very inaccurate,” She told Lolli.

But all that walking made Lolli hungry. She made sure to tell Maxwell that too, and Maxwell nodded again.” Yes, yes. It is about time for you to feed yourself. Stay here, and I’ll get something for you.” Then Maxwell quickly pushed Lolli into the nearest room. Then she hurried away down the hall.

This room was like the others: filled up with research, blank walls, a few bowls of colorful liquid scattered around. Lolli didn’t care much, but she was a bit curious as to why Maxwell was in such a hurry. She wasn’t that hungry, after all. Yet, Maxwell seemed almost worried about something. Then again, Maxwell didn’t show much emotion in general. Anything was a new change of pace. Still, Lolli waited for Maxwell to return. After a few minutes, she felt worried again. Then she heard screaming.

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