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Ch 5:4

Lolli lowered herself in her chair. She was couldn’t stop her shaking. Iowa slammed her palms on the ground, freezing the crowd in blocks of ice.” It’s very humid today. That’s a shame,” he said. Iowa stepped towards Crystal and Jasmine, Grim right behind him.” Don’t hurt her!” Lolli found herself yelling. Lolli ran up towards Iowa, hugging him from behind.” Please don’t hurt Crystal!” Startled, Iowa turned to push Lolli away.
“Okay, now!”
Crystal pressed her hands into Iowa’s back. The scent of something burning filled the air as Iowa started to scream.” You’re right! I am a true angel!” Crystal seemed proud of herself.
Iowa tried to get away, but Jasmine used magic to hold him in place. Grim scooped up Iowa with his scythe and they both vanished.” Sorry Lolli, we’ll meet again!” Marcus said before vanishing too.
Lolli was stuck with Jasmine and Crystal. “What are you doing here, Lowerclassman?” Lolli stumbled over her words, not saying much at all. Crystal got closer.” Do I need to erase your sin too?”
“Cool it, the kid did nothing wrong. She just happened to get caught in the middle,” Jasmine said. Jasmine crouched so she was at eye level with Lolli.” Do you know where they’re going?” Lolli shook her head, nearly in tears. Jasmine smiled and pat Lolli’s head.” Well then, we better go find them. But we have to first get these bodies thawed. It’d be a shame for so many people to die.” Lolli nodded, agreeing.
Then, Jasmine concentrated on the frozen crowd. She pointed her fingertips towards them, and each individual was cast in the purple glow. Slowly, the ice melted. Lolli was in awe! A true magical wizard! Or perhaps Jasmine’s clothes were the type of a witch. Either way, Lolli wanted to be like Jasmine!” That takes care of that. Say kid, are you hungry?” Lolli nodded. She hadn’t eaten since Iowa was kidnapped. Jasmine nodded and picked up the body of her dead coworker. As much as Lolli didn’t like Maxwell, she didn’t want to see her dead.” Maxwell always tastes good!” Lolli froze.
“I wouldn’t want her to go to waste!” Jasmine made a knife of pure energy and cut a slice from Maxwell’s hair. She was truly a watermelon.” Hey, why are you two so pale?”
“You can’t just do that you- you sicko!” Crystal grabbed Lolli’s arm and pulled her out the building. Panting, Crystal clearly wanted to go further, but collapsed. Lolli was forced to the ground with her.” This place is insane, we have to go!” Lolli never thought she’d see Crystal again, and definitely didn’t expect to see her so scared. Lolli placed her hands onto Crystal’s shoulders.” It’s okay, Crystal! You’re okay!” Lolli offered her best smile as Crystal pulled her into a tight hug.” I don’t care how strange you are, that- that monster isn’t my friend!” Crystal had started to cry.
Lolli wasn’t on the best terms with Crystal. The blonde had always wanted to steal her little Fluffy. But now she was acting like they were almost friends. What Lolli didn’t understand was why she wasn’t afraid.
Then she remembered there was no reason for her to be. Lolli wasn’t in any danger. It was her friends Iowa and maybe Marcus. They were being hunted down my Maxwell. But she was dead now. She decided to just enjoy Crystal’s embrace.

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