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Ch 5:5

“You’re welcome,” Grim told Iowa.
“It’s hot.”
“No shit, we’re in hell!” Grim didn’t seem to be lying. The air was very hot and dry. The ground seemed to be the light source, since the sky was dark. But the dirt was almost glowing red.” Where are we, Father?”
“I literally just told you!”
“Ah, of course.” Marcus frowned. His mother was upset and in pain. “Father, Mother can’t be here.” Grim flinched. He snatched the scarf and vanished. He appeared a few seconds later.” She couldn’t be in here,” Grim said,” you two probably shouldn’t either. We have to get moving.” Grim then started walking. Iowa was quick to follow behind him, but Marcus was less enthused.” Mother...” Marcus mumbled to himself. Then he repeated himself, over and over. Marcus’s hands reached for his own neck. It was far too empty. It needed to be covered! This terrible heat was making him itchy. He needed to scratch it away... He only stopped when Iowa grabbed his hands.“You’re strange,” was all Iowa said before dragging Marcus behind Grim. Marcus quickly picked up the pace.

Grim seemed to know where he was going. At least he didn’t backtrack. But he also looked angry.” Father, could you tell us where we are going?” Grim scoffed instead of answering. Marcus wondered why there wasn’t much. He always thought that the underworld would be filled with people. There were a lot of sinners, after all. Eventually, a large building came into view. It was dark and blended with its environment. There weren’t any windows either. Grim pushed on, kicking the door open.” Hey, where is the old man?!”

Lolli decided it was best to take Crystal to her home. She didn’t seem to like Jasmine.” It’s terribly small, don’t you think?” Crystal complained. Lolli just shrugged.” You didn’t know those criminals, did you?” Crystal asked. Lolli decided to be truthful.” They were my friends. They aren’t bad people!”
“Are you sure? They were all killers!”
“But they were so kind to me.” Crystal huffed. She couldn’t understand even if she tried. So to test her theory, Crystal grabbed Lolli’s hand on concentrated. Nothing happened. Lolli looked up at Crystal confused.” Are you scared again?”
“No, I was checking if you really aren’t a monster like them.”
“Oh, how did you do that?” Crystal smirked and repeated exactly what she heard.” My magic is pure like a saint. I could use it to burn a demon. Demons can’t be pure!” Lolli remembered Iowa’s reaction to Crystal’s touch. Iowa really was a monster, then. Lolli hoped he was just a good one.

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