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Ch 5:6

There weren’t many people in the building. But the one waiting at the front, a blonde with yellow eyes, recognized Grim immediately. She jumped up from her desk and tackled him to the floor. Her feathery white wings were displayed wonderfully behind her. Grim hissed at the woman’s touch.” Where did you go, you bastard?” She demanded. Grim groaned and pushed the girl off of him.” I told you already, Elaine. And I’m only here for one thing.” Elaine looked up at the two other people. She scoffed at Marcus.” Who are these kids?”
“That’s my son and,” Grim wasn’t sure what Iowa was to him,” helper.”

Elaine didn’t like the thought of Grim with a child. Elaine grabbed Marcus’s arm and poked it.” You’re weak,” she noted. Marcus smiled at Elaine.” I guess I am. I don’t eat meat like Father does.”
“Oh, so you think you’re a saint or something?” She sneered.
“I never said that.”
“For someone who looks like an angel, you’re actually kind of rude,” Iowa said.
“Are you talking to me, little boy?”
“Yes, clearly.”
Elaine turned to Grim, grinning.” I should burn these brats alive!”
“Leave them alone, damnit! I just need Dad!”
“He’s in the same room he’s always been in. Nothing’s changed.”
“Great, thanks.” Grim shoved past Elaine and walked down the hall. Iowa and Marcus followed him.

In a dark room, there was a skeleton sitting at a desk. There was a thin path outlined by large stacks of papers. Grim walked into the empty frame. The skeleton looked up for a brief moment, then continued writing. As the skeleton’s hand glided at an incomprehensible speed, he spoke,” hello Grim.”

“So you don’t know how to cook either, right?” Lolli asked Crystal. She nodded, huffing.
“But I’m starving! I’ll have to go back to my castle for money.” Crystal twirled a lock of hair with her fingers.” You can come with me. But only because you got me out that place!” Lolli was surprised, but happy. Crystal took something similar to a phone out her tights. She was wearing some underneath her white dress. Lolli didn’t know tights had pockets, though. “This thing is supposed to show me how to get home. So let’s go.”

Luckily for the girls, the castle wasn’t very far. To Lolli’s surprise, Crystal wasn’t kidding. There was a literal castle! Large white walls surrounded a brick castle inside!” How didn’t I see this?” Lolli squealed. Crystal just shrugged and went inside. Crystal walked past some people in uniforms and went straight into the kitchen.

Many chefs were at work, making colorful food! Crystal picked something waiting on a table in the corner.” Thanks, men,” she said as she left. Through a closer exit, Crystal took the tray to a table outside. Lolli sat on the opposite side of the table. Crystal watched as Lolli ate messily.” Ribs and potatoes always make people dirty,” Crystal said, frowning. Lolli giggled as she ate.” Oh yeah, how did you get here, Crystal? I kinda know how I did. But I wonder about you! You didn’t find my tree, did you?”
“What are you talking about? My mom brought me here!”
“Woah, really? That’s so cool! Are you a princess or something?”
“I guess I am. I’m also a ‘saint’ or whatever. It’s all nonsense.”
“Yeah, I guess so.” After running out of questions, the two ate in silence.

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