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Ch 5:7

Grim stepped around the papers and reached the desk. Sighing, Grim took a few papers and a pen from the desk. Almost as fast as the skeleton, Grim started to write.” I missed you, Grim,” the skeleton spoke.
“I don’t care.”
“You brought your son here today. I see him.”
“I got in trouble with the council. I want my old room back.”
“No one has taken it, so it’s still free.”
“Okay, thanks.”

Marcus watched the two reapers with a smile. A genuine one at that. Iowa also looked pleased, but for another reason.” So Reaper, do you mind returning my soul to me?” Iowa asked. Skeleton took a quick peek at Iowa.” You are too nonchalant, child,” it said,” and your soul isn’t here.”

Frowning, Iowa reached over the desk. Grim pushed her back with a quite a bit of force.” Don’t lay on the papers, idiot!” Grim looked at his hand and shook it. Marcus helped Iowa from the floor.” If you don’t mind Grandfather, where can we find my friend’s soul?”

“If I’m correct, the devil took it himself,” the skeleton said. Grim glared at him.” But where he is, I don’t know,” the skeleton continued,” I’m sure you remember what his soul looks like, Grim.” He nodded. Grim began to concentrate, then grabbed the two he came with.” See ya, Dad,” was what he said before teleporting away.

Grim and the other two found themselves in a very smoky room. A thin layer of cigarette smoke filled the air along with the scent of alcohol. Marcus coughed,” where is this, Father?”
“Doesn’t matter. I have to talk to someone.” Grim stomped in a straight line, and didn’t stop until he reached a round table. There, a small group of people were playing a card game. Grim focused his attention on the one with a stack of dark coins in front of him.

Grim slammed his hand on the table, making it creak from the sudden pressure. The other man chuckled, raising his blue eyes towards Grim’s own.” Hello Grim, it’s been a while-” Grim proceeded to sock the pretty man in the face. He fell out of his chair and onto the ground. The man’s company didn’t seem too pleased, but with a raised hand, the black haired male calmed them.” Don’t worry fellas, he’s an old friend of mine,” he said. Grim scoffed. Now standing up again, the man continued to talk.” What brings you here, Grim? I’m sure you wanted something specific.” Grim glanced at Iowa.” I’m looking for her soul. She said you have it.” The other man took his own look at Iowa.” Oh, I know exactly where I put it. Seems like the two have taken very different paths.” The man’s thin tail found itself wrapped around Iowa’s waist. He started to pull Iowa aside, the latter seemingly frozen.” How about I explain better to you? I’m sure you’ll want to know what happened to your soul, Miss Morada.”

Iowa stared at the glass given to him by the devil himself. It was potato juice, per Iowa’s request. Grim took the chance to get himself the strongest alcohol the bar had. The so called devil sat between the two.” Are you going to start talking?” Iowa asked.” Oh, can’t you relax? No, you can’t,” he then burst into laughter. Iowa attempted to glare at him through his drink. After calming down, the older man began speaking again,” your soul is most likely at the bottom of the ocean. It really cling to my younger daughter. So, if you wish to find it, you may want to check Atlantis.” Then, he stood up and walked back to the table. Iowa stared at Grim.” Do you know where to find Atlantis?”

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