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Ch 6:1

After finishing their meal, the two girls gave the leftovers back to the kitchen. Crystal was leading the way up some stairs and a hall. “This is my room, by the way,” Crystal told Lolli. Crystal sat on her oversized white bedsheets as Lolli looked around. Crystal’s bedroom was less mature than Lolli expected. She had a lot of toys and plushies. Each had the same small symbol: an outline of a bunny with simple wings.

“Hey, Fluffy has the same little bunny!” Lolli noted, holding Fluffy up to her face. Crystal scoffed,” of course it does. It was made by Oma, wasn’t it?”
“‘Oma?’ Who is that?”
“Are you serious? She’s only the greatest toy maker of... forever!” Lolli gasped with a smile. She grabbed what seemed to be a small bottle of bubbles off of Crystal’s shelf. It too had the symbol.
“I wanna go see her! I wanna see who made my Fluffy!”
“That’s like, impossible. We’re in a whole different world now! Itasca isn’t home.”
“Huh? Is that where this is?”
“Yep, and I’m it’s princess or something.”
“That’s so cool! I’m happy for you!” Lolli smiled, and Crystal smiled back. Then Crystal remembered who she was talking to. Crystal turned away, grabbing a clear gem on her bedside table.

It didn’t take long for Jasmine to find them again. Crystal instinctively sank into her sheets while Lolli backed away. Both of them made Jasmine laugh.” What’s with your reactions? I’m not going to hurt you kids!” Jasmine told them. Jasmine took a quick glance at the room and smirked.” It seems you’re a fan of hers. Both of you. You know, I can take you directly to her workshop.” Crystal was suddenly no longer tense. She jumped up and clasped her hands together.” Are you serious? You can take me to see her?” Jasmine nodded.” Of course I can. We wizards are all connected in some way. You could call us business partners. But, you’ll have to promise me something.”
“Yes, anything!”
“You’ll have to attend your lessons. Oh, and your little friend can come along too.” Crystal rolled her eyes, but agreed. Lolli did too.

Jasmine waved her hands in a circle, and the three of them were coated in a pinkish glow. Then, the scenery changed. The ground was now in front a rather tall building. Lolli couldn’t see the top! But it did have a clear dome, as far as she could tell. Also odd metal pipes blowing smoke. “This is the place? It’s really whimsical,” Crystal mumbled. Jasmine laughed as nullified her magic.” Oma has always been like that! It’s like her soul can’t age.” After a bit, Crystal frowned.” There’s no door.”

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