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Ch 6:2

“I mean it, where is Atlantis supposed to be?” Iowa asked Grim again, who just grunted. Grim chugged his drink and asked for another. It became obvious that the reaper didn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Iowa huffed and sipped at his drink. Marcus, who was still nearby, took it as an opportunity to sit next to Iowa. “I’ve been wondering, you kept saying the devil stole your soul. But you never said why,” Marcus said,” I’d like the answer to that question.” Iowa frowned at Marcus’s cheerful expression.” That isn’t really any of your business.”
“Oh, so you won’t tell me? Don’t worry, I can just scan your mind for an answer instead.”
“Don’t do that, creep. I was desperate to make a deal with him, that’s it.”
“And what was the deal you made, hmm? That’s what I really want to know.”
“Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, Reaper.”

Marcus laughed and patted Iowa’s head. Iowa’s hair was terribly matted, unlike Marcus’s. Both of them seemed to notice.” What? I don’t spend all day on my looks like you do, I’m sure.”
“I’m glad you think that about me! But no, this is just how I look normally. There is nothing I do to upkeep it!” Marcus suddenly seemed very proud of himself.” I can help you fix your hair, if you truly wanted!”
“No, I don’t want that.” Marcus moved away,” I’m okay with that too.”

Grim was listening in to their conversation. After downing his fourth drink, he paid and got up.” Time to go, brats,” he said with a slight slur. He was quick to rush out the building, to the point Iowa wasn’t able to keep up. His legs were tiny compared to the reapers’. Marcus ended up going back and carrying Iowa.” You’re so tiny, little Iowa!”

After a few minutes of walking, Grim suddenly stopped. The sky and dirt were still the same dark red, but now the casino was mostly out of sight. Any other buildings, if there was any more, couldn’t be seen either. They were in the middle of nowhere. Iowa and Marcus were forced to watch Grim do nothing about it. He was just standing with his eyes closed.
“What are you doing now, Father?”
“Figuring out which way is the ocean. Fish people would have a lot of fish souls.”
“Oh, if that’s the case, I can find it easily for you!” Marcus was a little eager with his movements; he grabbed Grim’s forearm and teleported them all to the beach.

Now, they were surrounded by sand. Though, in front of them was the vast ocean. In the distance, there was an island. But there wasn’t another person in sight.” What the hell, there’s no fish people here!” Grim complained,” you didn’t bring us to the right place!”
“I- This is the right place, really! I just couldn’t bring us into the water,” Marcus defended himself. Iowa sighed in relief. He sat in the sand, relaxing.” I don’t see a whole city, either! That’s where Lucifer said the soul was!”
“Oh, yes, that is odd.” Marcus walked over to the shoreline. He was trying to look for any sign of life. Suddenly, a tendril made of water wrapped itself around Marcus and dragged him down into the water. Two more formed and tried to grab Grim and Iowa. Grim swiped at it with his scythe, but the weapon was useless. Soon, all three of them were being sped through the water and under the distant island. Oddly enough, they all could breathe but couldn’t move. No matter what attempts they made, they were being dragged deeper and deeper until they were inside a pitch black cave.

For many minutes, they weren’t sure if they were still moving. Then, there was clear, bright ocean up ahead. They were now in what seemed to be a lobby of some sort. The walls and floor were made of a blue tinted marble. But that may have been because they were still underwater.

A young woman sped up towards them, quickly shaking each of their hands. Or, at least she tried to. Grim’s growl made her cower away.” Oh goodness, hi it’s been so long since we had guests from the surface world! My name is Bahari! It’s so great to see you!”

Grim hadn’t expected the girl to be as friendly as she was. After all, he was one of the most feared men in the world! But she wasn’t from his world. That was clear enough. She had blue skin and gills. She also seemed to have some black seaweed for a wig.” Hey, this wouldn’t be Atlantis, would it?” Bahari looked a bit confused, but nodded.” Technically, we don’t call it that anymore. This is New Atlantis!”

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