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Ch 6:3

Lolli gasped, realizing the same thing.” I thought you said you came here before,” Lolli said. Crystal huffed, causing Lolli to flinch.” No, I said I was a fan of her stuff,” Crystal explained. That made sense!

“You’ll never get inside, Princess!” A random boy shouted. From behind the large building, the said kid dashed towards the two girls. As soon as he was in front of them, he put his hands on his knees, panting.

The two girls stared at the little boy. His hair and eyes seemed similar to Lolli’s: blue hair and eye on his left and purple on the right. Except the other half was more purple compared to Lolli’s pink. His hair was much curlier as well. Once he finally calmed his breathing, he hugged Lolli.

Naturally, she was very confused. But she also enjoyed hugs, so she hugged the stranger back.” Hi! I’m Snoop!” The boy introduced,” you’re trying to get into Mama’s workshop, right? Well, you can’t!” Snoop pointed a thumb at Crystal, grinning.” No ladies like her are allowed.”

Crystal scoffed, clearly offended.” Don’t you know who I am, little boy? I’m a princess, so I definitely can go in!” Snoop shook his head and dragged Lolli to the back of the building.” Only us can go in! No royalty allowed! So go home.”

Snoop led Lolli to the back of the building. Just like the front, there was no entrance in sight. Snoop smirked and knocked on the wall. Similar to Lolli’s own treehouse, there was a small door engraved into the wall with light.” All you have to do is push it!” Snoop exclaimed. Lolli followed Snoop’s orders and the small entrance opened.

Lolli saw that behind the door was a very dark tunnel. Snoop grabbed Lolli’s hand and walked her through. There was barely enough space for them to walk side by side. It wasn’t much taller than them, either. Snoop and Lolli were almost the same in height.

“Is the owner really here?” Lolli asked as the two children left the tunnel. They seemed to have exited out of a ground vent in a toy store. There was multiple rows of shelves. Each had a label on the ceiling that was constructed with what seemed to be neon lights. Except the signs were suspended in midair. In the middle of the shelves were large pastel bean bags of many colors. However, the store was devoid of any other people. Still, Lolli couldn’t help but weave through the aisles. Snoop trailed behind her, telling that she was free to pick up anything.” Mama wouldn’t mind if you touch anything. So don’t be shy! It’s all free for us!”

Fluffy leaped from whatever hiding spot it chose for the day and waddled out to explore. After a quick glance around, it made a beeline to the cash register. Then behind it. Fluffy made another entrance appear, like Snoop did, and exited.

Lolli was only able to catch Fluffy walking through the wall. Lolli ran over, but Fluffy was long gone. Huffing, she made her own door and watched as a new path formed in front of her. Still, Fluffy wasn’t able to be seen. Since she didn’t have any other options, Lolli told Snoop she was leaving and walked inside.

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