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Ch 6:5

Lolli found herself surrounded by darkness, but she could hear Fluffy’s feet softly echoing. She tried to best to follow the noise until she could see her path brightening again. She could hear another voice laughing in the distance.” My my, you’re super cute!” Lolli heard. She ran towards the voice since she could no longer hear Fluffy.

There, she saw a little girl petting and snuggling with Fluffy. The girl’s blue and green eyes trailed over to Lolli. She gasped,” oh my! Hello!” Lolli gasped,” your hair is so cute! And there’s a star on your face!” The other girl covered her green eye, where her dark skin lightened in the shape of a star. “It’s not nice to say stuff like that.”
“Oh, I’m sorry! What’s your name?”
“My name is Sketch!” The little girl hopped off her chair and handed Fluffy back to Lolli, her blue and green braids bouncing behind her.” So does everyone here have that style?” Lolli asked,” you all kinda look like me!” Sketch grabbed Lolli’s left pigtail, humming.” Yeah, all of us do! I bet you saw Snoop, right?” Lolli nodded.” He did say he was going out for a bit... Well, it’s nice to see you! Are you hungry?”

Lolli was practically starving. As well made as Crystal’s lunch was, it tasted terrible in Lolli’s mouth. She only ate so fast to get on Crystal’s good side. All she really wanted was some sugar!” Do you have any candy?” Sketch side eyed Lolli, pointing at Fluffy.” Why don’t you ask him for some? Your pet should always have some!” Now it was Lolli’s turn to be confused. She flipped Fluffy around.” Have you really been hiding candy from me?”

Fluffy’s button eyes stared at Lolli as it’s little paw made its way to its belly stitching. Out of nowhere, a small lollipop appeared in Fluffy’s hand!” A lolli for Master,” it said, handing the candy to Lolli. Lolli eyed Sketch before saying,” how did you know Fluffy could do that?” Sketch just shrugged saying,” all of Master’s plush pets can.” She then whistled. A green pig with blue stars waddled over from the corner of the room. Fluffy jumped out of Lolli’s arms to hug the large plush, who oinked in response. “Wait, did you just say ‘Master’?” Lolli asked. Sketch nodded,” Oma is my master, yes.”
“So your Master is Snoop’s mommy?”
“Technically, she’s both our moms.”
“You call your mommy ‘Master’?”
“Yes, is that weird?”
“I dunno, I haven’t seen my mommy before.” Sketch gasped, grabbing Lolli by the shoulders. She then began to pat Lolli down.” Hey, hey! What are you doing?”
“You must be my sister! There is no way you can’t be! I have to ask Master!” Sketch then began to pull Lolli away.” Come Messy, we have to go get Master!”

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