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Ch 6:6

Iowa floated idly behind the two reapers. Marcus was swimming toward the large city.” How I wish I was allowed to view all this. I’m sure you’ve made your way to many places, Father,” he said, now looking at Grim. Grim moved to the front of the group.” What are you trying to say,” Grim mumbled. Marcus laughed airily,” maybe I would’ve enjoyed being allowed to leave. There’s only so much I can do in that forest. Being all alone for decades.”
“You should watch your damn mouth.”
“I have for many years, Father.”

Grim’s head snapped back to glare at Marcus. The younger boy seemed to be picking at his neck.” I’ve listened to your each and every command since the day you’ve murdered my mother!” Suddenly, he went silent. He looked down into his soul, whimpering. Grim raised a brow.” The hell’s gotten into you?”

Marcus didn’t seem to hear. Instead, he mumbled to himself and inched away from his parent.” I feel hot... an intense rage,” Grim could hear,” I’m not supposed to be anything like you!”

Then Marcus could feel a cold embrace on his back. It was small because Iowa was the one trying to hug him.” You said you were hot, right?” Iowa asked,” then I’ll make you colder.” Marcus was once again able to focus. He moved Iowa from his back and decided to hold her instead.

Grim didn’t understand what was happening, but he felt relieved. Marcus no longer looked like he was about to do something. “Let’s just get that soul already,” he said. Stroking Iowa’s head, Marcus nodded. Marcus started for the city again.

New Atlantis definitely lived up to it’s name. The large coral buildings fixed with screens and the latest news, all of which were exclusive to the city. On one, there was a new store opening up. On another, the “retirement home” was opening its doors. The streets not only ran across the ocean sand, but bubble walkways branched from skyscraper to skyscraper.

“This place is huge! How the hell are we supposed to find a single soul?” Grim yelled at no one. Marcus seemed to already be scanning the area.” I never saw your soul completely built, but I do remember the few scattered pieces,” Marcus focused even more,” Hm, that’s odd.”
“What is?”
“There seems to be a reaper soul nearby.”
“What, where?!”
Marcus pointed toward the heart of the city. Grim grabbed Marcus’s hand and sped toward that direction. Marcus yelped, trying to keep up while still holding Iowa close. Grim suddenly stopped when faced with another jellyfish person. This smaller girl was the same as Grim, but a purplish hot pink wherever Grim was black. She was with two smaller fish girls. One was a purple mermaid with spikes poking out from her back. The other was a small, brown axolotl humanoid. The smaller fish coward behind the largest, who seemed to eye Grim. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and se grinned. The girl punches Grim’s arm and says,” what’s up, Grim? It’s been a while!”

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