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Ch 1:3

The screams initially scared Lolli. She felt the urge to run straight to the source. But as the sound pierced her ears the second time, she realized that they weren’t very urgent. At all. In fact, it sounded like the creator was just amusing themself. Still, Lolli wanted to go investigate the noise.

After a few minutes of stumbling around, Lolli found Maxwell talking to someone. Then it hit her. The room smelled terrible! It was like the time there was a half eaten animal in a bush, but much worse. Lolli gagged as she got closer to Maxwell.

Maxwell glanced back at Lolli, then turned back to the large wall of glass. Behind it sat what looked like a human. Judging by their rather deep voice, they were probably a male. Out of nowhere, they started screaming. Maxwell practically growled as she slammed her hand against the glass.” What are you doing?” She said. The boy- they are also pretty short- stopped to smile.” There is a girl behind you, Max.”

Maxwell turned to look at Lolli, who just waved at her.” I thought I told you to stay,” Maxwell grumbled.
“I heard someone screaming, so I-” Maxwell cut her off.” Yes, sure.” Maxwell sighed.

Lolli walked up to the glass to get a closer look at the boy. His hair was matted and brown. But besides that, Lolli couldn’t see much. The boy was covered in blue tinted bandages. Though, she could’ve sworn she saw something glittering underneath.” Uh, who is this?” Lolli asked, tapping the glass. Maxwell moved her hand away.” This is Iowa, my,” Maxwell paused to think,” My current project.”
The boy named Iowa nodded and laid on the ground. Lolli frowned.” Aren’t they alive though?”

“Oh, not really. You can’t say I’m living,“Iowa said.” I’m in a cell.”

“Oh, did you do something wrong, Iowa? That’s your name, right?”

“Hmmm?” Iowa hummed, then started laughing. “Yes, thats right.”

“You say your ’r’s funny, mister Iowa.”
“That’s enough,” Maxwell finally interrupted. Lolli turned to Maxwell, mustering up a glare.” It isn’t nice to keep people in cages, Miss Maxwell.” To Lolli, Maxwell was now a mad scientist. One that takes random people to turn them into monsters. Then again, Iowa didn’t seem to mind their cell. Not too much, at least. Speaking of which,” Yes ‘Miss Maxwell’, I agree. You should let me leave,” Iowa joined in Lolli’s argument! Maxwell scoffed as she eyed the two.” What are trying to do now?” The bandages on Iowa’s face moved distorted. “I want to be set free Max.” Maxwell could feel her left eye twitch.” You don’t even have a house! Where are you going to go?”
“I’ll live with this little girl.”
“What?!” Lolli practically screamed. That wasn’t what she wanted at all! This man was...“You’re too stinky!! A-And I bet you...” Lolli trailed off and turned a shade of pink.
“I can cook you food. I am good at that,” Iowa offered, his bandages also turning different shades. For a few minutes, no one dared to speak. Then...

“Wait, what can you cook?”

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