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Ch 6:7

Lolli was amazed by what she saw next. There was a group of children who looked oddly like her, but in the same way Sketch and Snoop did. The others looked over to Lolli before surrounding her. Gasping, Lolli held Fluffy tightly.” Come on, we’re busy right now!” Sketch scolded the kids and dragged Lolli along.” Where is Master?”
“She’s not here right now!” One of the boys chirped.
“Then who’s going to answer my questions?”
“I will,” another boy said. This one was taller than the rest of them by a lot. However his eyes and hair were still the odd pattern of green and black. The new male took a feather from his hair and grabbed a book.” Let’s get started.”

Lolli stared up at him, wondering what questions she was allowed to ask. The boy was only a little older than her, so he couldn’t be too wise. Sketch was the first to speak up.” Who is this girl to me?” The boy flipped through his book, then wrote something down.” That is Lollipop. She is our sister,” he answered. Sketch nodded, taking in the information. This time, Lolli spoke up.” Who is our mommy then?”
“That would be the toy maker, Oma.”
“Where is she right now?”
“Unclear, but she hasn’t abandoned us.”
“Then that’s nice, I guess,” Lolli sounded defeated.” Wait! Where are my friends!” The boy scoffed,” be more specific.”
“Where is Iowa?”
“In the middle of the ocean, it seems.”
“What? What’s he doing there? How can I get there.”
“The abandoned beach is the only way.”
“Thank you so much! Can you let me go back now?”
The boy made a face at her.” You just got here, now you want to leave?” Lolli nodded, looking determined.” I have to save my friend! I also need to know the truth about him.” The boy shrugged and opened another wall passage.” Then will lead you out.”

Lolli thanked the boy before leaving the building. With newfound determination, Lolli shook Crystal awake. Crystal was leaning on a nearby tree and very startled.” We have to go home right now! I know where my friends went!”

Crystal eyed Lolli. Oma was capable of many things, so it didn’t seem too far fetched to her. But Crystal also knew that her workers needed to know about this. Iowa was still a runaway criminal!

Jasmine was also still around. She wasn’t in the others’ direct line of sight, but still very visible. She walked out of her hiding spot with a smile.” Are we ready to go, kids?” The two children agreed and Jasmine moved them instantly the same way as before. Then, Jasmine crouched to Lolli’s eye level. With the sweetest and most innocent smile she could muster, Jasmine asked,” where are your friends, Lolli?”

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